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A Lebanese Criminal listed a Nigerian woman for sale on Facebook

by AfroWorldNews

For the past 30 years, Nigeria and many African countries have Wellcome Lebanese refugees and visitors with open arms. Africans with their tradition of hospitality, which is commonly mistaken by outsiders as weakness have and continues to Wellcome Chinese and Libanese throughout Africa. Recently, a Lebanese, petty criminal identified as Wael Jerro, advertised a Nigerian woman for sale on social media.

Jerro, who resides in Beirut, Lebanon, put up the passport of the victim, Busari Peace, on a Facebook group, ‘Buy and Sell in Lebanon.’

He wrote in Arabic, “Domestic worker from Nigeria for sale with new legal documents. She’s 30 years old, she’s very active and very clean. Price: $1,000.”

Busari’s passport which was acquired in May 2018, indicates that she hails from Ibadan, Oyo State. Nigeria.

The question many are asking is why the Nigerian government is yet to issue an arrest warrant for this criminal.

While many Nigerians around the world have expressed their anger on social media, but they are yet to confront the big issue of foreigner free access in Nigeria. How long will Nigerians and Nigeria government continue to allow these foreigners to move freely in Nigerian and enjoy privilege in Africa, while they treat Africans with hatred in their home countries. The Chinese people expose their hatred for Africans. Many are now calling for ordinary Africans to wake up from their slumber since African leaders have chosen to drown in ignorance.

Source: AfroWorldNews.com

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