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A Profile in Excellence: Dr. Soni O. Oyekan; A Nigerian-American leading chemical engineer, scientist, inventor, mentor, expert witness, and author.

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Dr. Soni O. Oyekan is Still Showing the Energy to Inspire After Four Decades. Learn more about one of the greatest scientific minds in the gas and oil sectors.

After nearly 45 years of industry experience, most experts in their chosen fields would be thinking about the prospect of slowing down. For Dr. Soni O. Oyekan, however, the desire to keep thriving in the gas, oil, and oil refining sector burns stronger than ever.

The Nigerian American is highly regarded as one of the nation’s greatest minds in the oil refining sector. As a graduate of Yale University and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and multi-award winner, including the 2009 Percy Julian Award from NOBCChE for significant contributions to the industry, Oyekan’s wealth of experience and knowledge have spearheaded successes at various companies in the areas of Research & Development, Technical Management, and Corporate Oil Refining Complexes Optimizations.

Dr. Oyekan’s exceptional talents in the field have also resulted in over 70 publications and presentations on a variety of topics in petroleum refining and catalysis. He is the author of the Catalytic Naphtha Reforming Process book which is now rated as the best-selling naphtha reforming book of all time. He has co-authored several key technical reports and collaborated with P. K. Doolin and D. J. Zalewski, to provide the section on Catalyst Regeneration and Continuous Reforming Issues in the second edition of the book, Catalytic Naphtha Reforming which is edited by George J. Antos and Abdullah M. Aitani.

His active nature in the industry is further underlined by 15 patents on catalytic systems and the catalytic naphtha reforming process. His landmark innovative problem-solving concepts for catalytic naphtha reforming processes and catalysis should provide other researchers with concepts that are applicable in the petrochemical technologies sector.  The potential broad applicability of his catalytic concepts to the petrochemical sector places him as one of the leading oil refining scientists in the world.

The extensive list of projects, supported by his integral role throughout arguably the most significant periods in the history of oil and gas industries, confirms Dr. Oyekan’s place as one of the most important names in the sector in terms of direct impact as well as the influence on future generations of scientists and inventors. However, the ability to empower the next wave of leaders in the field has reached even greater heights in recent years due to the launch of his Prafis Energy Solutions and consultancy in 2013.

As the President and CEO of Prafis Energy Solutions, Dr. Oyekan has used his wealth of experience across the fields of feasibility studies, capital projects, catalytic processes, oil refining technologies, optimization and reliability improvement of oil refining processes, and precious metals management to spearhead the company to great success while simultaneously supporting others in the chemical engineering arena. For experts in Texas and beyond, Dr. Oyekan has become a figure of inspiration who continues to deliver excellence underpinned by meticulous attention to detail.

Now in his seventies, Dr. Oyekan continues to stand out as a globally renowned giant in the oil refining sector, and particularly for research and development, and the effective management of oil refineries and petrochemical complexes.  Anybody starting or hoping to progress their career in this industry should check out his history – and current works – in further detail.

Soni and Priscilla Ann Oyekan have four children and they reside in Richmond, Texas. We salute Dr. Soni Olufemi Olubunmi Oyekan for his great accomplishment and for efforts in the promotion of education especially in the area of science and engineering in minority communities and in Africa.

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