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A Tribute to one of Nigerians’ Patriot; Dr. Sota Omoigui is a co-author of the Nigerian National Anthem

by AfroWorldNews

Contrary to the widely held impression, Pa Benneth Odiase, who died on June 12, 2013, was only the composer of the music and not the wordings of the national anthem. Dr. Sota Omoigui, a Nigerian consultant anesthesiologist and pain specialist based in the United States, is one of the five composers of the wordings of the anthem.

Dr. Sota Omoigui is a Nigerian-American, born in Edo State Nigeria. He got his diploma from King’s College Lagos and his MBBS medical degree from the University of Ibadan College of Medicine in 1983. He did his residency in Pediatrics and Anesthesia and a subspecialty on Pain Medicine and Regional Anesthesia, from Cook County Hospital Chicago. Dr. Sota Omoigui is board certified in Anesthesia with subspecialty certification in Pain Medicine. He has served as an adviser to the United States, FDA Advisory Committee on Anesthetics and Life Support Devices.

Sota Omoigui M.D. is Medical Director of the L.A. Pain Clinichttps://medicinehouse.com/sota-omoigui/ in Hawthorne and author of many medical books used at various medical institutions across the globe. Books that include; Sota Omoigui’s Anesthesia Drug Handbook (Blackwell Scientific Publishers, 1999), Sota Omoigui’s Pain Drug Handbook (Blackwell Scientific Publishers, 1999) The Anesthesia Drug Handbook (Mosby Yearbook Publishers, 1995), The Pain Drug Handbook (Mosby Yearbook Publishers, 1996), Pain Relief – The L.A. Pain Clinic Guide (State-of-the-Art Technologies, 1998), The Universal Drug Infusion Ruler (State-of-the-Art Technologies, 1995) It’s a Jungle out there – 163 Business Lessons from the Animal Kingdom (State-of-the-Art Technologies, 2001) and co-author of The Nigerian National Anthem (1978). Dr Sota Omoigui’s drug handbooks are used worldwide and have been published in five other languages (Italian, Japanese, Malaysian, Polish and Portuguese).In 2021, Dr. Sota Omoigui developed and was granted several US patents for the only international super app – Xchange Mall Super App. Available for Android and iOS

Dr. Sota Omoigui pioneered the technique of audio-capnometry and holds a United States patent for the audio-capnometer monitor and a patent for the process of continuous non-invasive hemometry (measurement of hemoglobin).

Dr. Sota Omoigui is also a world-renowned researcher. On April 11th, 2002, Dr Sota Omoigui published his Law of Pain which states: – The origin of all pain is inflammation and the inflammatory response. This is the most significant advance in our understanding of Pain since the 1965 publication of the Gate Theory of Pain by Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall.

According to Dr. Omoigui, “But I feel sad that we as a country have lost our way. We are a giant shackled to the underclass of nations and kept in bondage by our leaders whose corruption and avarice demonstrate a lack of love for their own people. ”  He remains a patriot and believes that Nigeria as a nation will somedays find true leadership and direction.



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