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Africa Vs. The World: Visa Bans Against African Countries Around The Globe

by AfroWorldNews

Many powerhouse countries all over the globe have placed visa bans on select countries in Africa. The United States has used reasons such as “potential terrorism” from Muslim countries. Even disagreements on deportation policies have been an issue in relations with African countries. However, if you’re able to look at the matter on a “community” level, then fear also becomes another factor. The continent of Africa has been targeted across the world when it comes to its citizens in search of new opportunities within neighboring countries.

UAE Bans Nigeria

As of October 21st of this year, the UAE has banned Nigeria from entering the country. Although there hasn’t been a documented reason for the decision, the countries need to settle the score amongst each other.

USA Bans Ghana

Photo Credit: Asiama Junior
Photo Credit: Asiama Junior

Back in 2019, the USA blocked citizens of Ghana from obtaining visas. The United States didn’t take it lightly when the Ghanaian government did not accept their own deported nationals into the country. Unfortunately, this matter hasn’t been resolved and will most likely continue while we get through the effects of the pandemic.

USA Bans Nigeria, Eritrea, Sudan, And Tanzania

Amazingly during the Trump presidency, these countries were banned by the U.S. because they are Muslim-majority nations. However, since Biden is now in office, not much has been done to lift the ban.

USA Bans Uganda, DRC, And Burundi

Photo Credit: Timothy Nkwasibwe
Photo Credit: Timothy Nkwasibwe

Another example of the United States trying to impose its values on other nations. In 2019 the U.S. banned government officials from coming to the U.S. due to election malpractice. They banned both the DRC and Uganda for not supporting the United States democratic process.

UK Bans Sierra Leone, Guinea, And Liberia

In 2014 there was a huge Ebola scare tied to these countries. It was perceived that these countries had an epidemic and many of the world governments wanted to keep it from spreading. Of course, this was at the cost of each of these countries’ citizens.


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