Home PoliticsAfrica News After November 3rd, Presidential Election, if Trump loses,  He will Declare Himself the President of Confederate States of America

After November 3rd, Presidential Election, if Trump loses,  He will Declare Himself the President of Confederate States of America

Trump has frightened the public with falsehood about upcoming elections,  putting the US Elections at high risk. American People will vote for their favourite candidate either Democratic candidate; Joe Biden or Trump for the second term. The statistics, prediction, surveys, and analysis, at the moment, is going in Joe Biden’ favour to win US Presidential Election with landslide Victory. If Biden wins the election, thus arrises a real threat to American’s Democracy.

If Trump Loses,  he will claim that the election was stolen from him, and declare himself the president of the Confederate States of America.  He will then proceed to hold the largest rally on the same day that Biden is been sworn in as the new president.

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Trump has made clear to anyone listening that he NOT accept the result of the election unless he wins. He has already stated that he will not even commit to a peaceful transition of power. So why are many people in denial?  In a truly democratic system, not committing to a peaceful transition of power is enough to disqualify any presidential candidates.

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Many experts are hoping that If Trump refuses to accept the result of the election, and thus promote rise to civil disorder to destabilize the Biden administration, corporate and leading political elites and the republican party will move to dump Trump to protect United States’ interests. So far, The Republicans have demonstrated with their actions for the past 4 years that they are not willing to promote US interest.

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I  hope and pray that the worst does not unfold this fall. If the establishment concludes Trump is a threat to their interest as well as to the rest of us, they may rally to find a path to ease Trump out of the way and get him to abide by the results. But we should not make the fatal mistake of underestimating Trump or, more importantly, his supporters and the vast infrastructure aligned behind him. Trump did not come into America from another planet;  he is a product of a racist system that have been designed to promote and support people like Trump and his followers. There are millions of people who are driving this authoritarian turn, and they are independent actors unlikely to stand down, and are taking orders from Trump to STANDBY…..

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