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America is Back ! Biden is America’s Savior and Hope. Testament of a True Leader

by Michael Ovienmhada.

President Biden confirmed yesterday in his first town hall meeting that he is truly America’s hope and savior.

Tuesday night’s CNN town hall in Milwaukee put Biden’s virtues on full display: There were genuine moments of reflection and moments of Grace and Truth as a true leader. No bombastic and baseless claims like the previous ….. president whose name is not even worth mentioning.

If you watched the Town Hall segment last night moderated by Anderson Cooper, you saw a man resplendent in a dark blue suit, tall and fit, standing the entire time, articulating, shooting straight, and leveling with the listeners.

Presidential Class is back.
His class was not in any doubt. His mastery of the language of political communication comes across clearly to the educated mind. Every question was answered truthfully and without equivocation. He never one time played to the gallery.

Empathy is back. A small business owner came forward to tell a story of woe, now approaching doom. How could a small guy like him get help? The President explained the bottlenecks that had been present in the system and then, he said to the man, please give me your address, I’ll see how I can get you help.

A father of a Nation in agony and distress
A President is father of the nation. A woman had come forward to express her frustrations about the impact of the pandemic and fears expressed by her little children. He addressed the woman and talked with her little girl. That’s what papas do.

Truth and Virtue is back.
A woman stepped forward to ask for student loan forgiveness of up to $50,000. He went on to tell the truth. I did not promise that and I will not do that but here is what I will do.

Honesty is back.
In addressing immigration, he shot straight from the hip. How could America, a country built on immigrants by immigrants go from granting entry to 125,000 asylum seekers down to 5,000 under Trump?

Finally, humility is back.
Asked how he felt being president for four weeks thus far— he reached out to history and he quoted Truman— having said everything he needed to say, he said, after everyone leaves the room, the President has to make the decision. His prayer, he said, invoking the name of God is that God would give him the wisdom to do for the American people what the American people want done for them.

Ladies and gentlemen, America is back. Thank God almighty. America is back.

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