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Ancient Egyptians were (Black) Africans. Not Aliens nor an Imaginary White race. Ancient Egypt; Epitome of African’s Civilization

While it is universally agreed upon by experts and historians that Africa is the origin of humanity as the birthplace of the first human beings. African civilization surely got its spark in ancient Egypt, as the very first great human civilization. Ancient Egyptian civilization continues to fascinate and in some cases defies modern knowledge of science and technology across the globe, 6,000 years later.

From the Great Pyramid at Giza to the Library and Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Ancient Egyptians produced several wonders of the world, revolutionized architecture and construction, developed the very first systems of mathematics, medicine, art, astronomy, philosophy, and the very concept of the human relationship with God.

Given the unparalleled accomplishment of this great African civilization, one wonders why African history is not globally celebrated, instead, this same Africa, especially its history has been under successive hostile attacks by the so-called European and American historians and scholars.

There is an ongoing debate as regards the degree of success in their ongoing attempt to falsify, disdain, and deny African historic achievement, but there is no doubt they have been very successful in removing Ancient Egypt, its achievement, and its true identity from Africa to a new imaginary location that soem reffer to as ,”The Atlantics”

Contrary to the many ridiculous claims by many self-acclaimed Egyptologists that Egyptian civilization though located in Africa has no African origin and characteristics. Ancient Egyptian civilization was not in isolation, in fact, many reputable Egyptologists now believe that Ancient Egyptians were influenced by the Nubian civilization from modern southern Sudan. The Nubian civilization, including many Pyramids, pre-dates ancient Egyptian pyramids and monuments.

Ancient Egyptian’s accomplishments as the world’s greatest and longest-lasting civilization have influenced all modern societies. The Greeks repeatedly proclaimed that they owed everything to the Ancient Egyptians. In fact, by any yardstick, there is no Greek nor Romans without Ancient Egypt.

It is also true to some extent that the European and American so-called scholars’ falsification and disdaining of Africa’s history has succeeded in no small measure in concealing the true history of the African people from the world. In as much as all these baseless, false, and pernicious doctrines demonstrate the arbitrary nature of these historians and scholars, there is no doubt that the truth of African’s history will certainly surmount all their flagitious intentions.

In order to fully understand the detrimental effect that these ongoing attacks have had upon Africans and other people around the World, it is crucial to understand the genesis of these efforts by Western intellectuals. Starting from the defeat of many African Nations states and the implementation of colonial-exploitation of Africa, many Western scholars and historians formed an encompass to adopt Europeans’ version of history, thus causing most part of the World to view Africa and its historical past achievements through Eurocentric lens in areas of scientific and historical studies.

It corrects to say that the decline of most African empire-nation states, gave birth to the rise of many Western nations. Thus, the beginning of European nation-states as imperial power gave European scholars and other Imperialist institutions great power and authority to rewrite history and change the world view of Africa.

The ugly episode of slavery and colonization in Africa’s history drastically undermined Africans position as the true creator of human civilization. This sad chapter led to the unforgettable genocide perpetrated against the people of Africa, and the mass transportation of the African prisoners of wars that were later engaged in slavery labors all over Europe and America. This further gave Europeans the opportunity to rewrite African’s history and achievements.

This human tragedy did not only provide the Europeans so-called scholars and various imperialistic Institutions the opportunity to proclaim that the Africans were intellectually inferior, but also provided them the chance to be safely entrenched behind the false doctrine of white supremacy.

Hegel, a German self-acclaimed philosopher once evasively proclaimed that the Africans were no historical part of the world, although Hegel’s claims like most of his counterparts no doubt demonstrates huge ignorance, we can no longer afford to overlook the magnitude of problems that such ostentatious propagandas have caused to Africa.

Africa like no other continent suffered the most from western falsification of history. African’s Image has long been darkened by the so-called European scholars and their imperialistic Institutions that have been deeply drowned in the pool of racial stereotypes and racism. But despite all their effort to deny Africa’s noble past, the truth about African history has on many occasions caused the world to rewrite history.

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Experts have gathered on several occasions to re-examine the various roles played by different people in different places in the general human development of the world and contributions to the general human civilization.

The historic conference organized by UNESCO, which resulted in the publication of “GENERAL HISTORY OF AFRICA” volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, and the work of some early famous historians such as J A Rogers, Ivan Van Sertima, Leo Hansberry, Maulana l (arenga, RunokoRashidi,. Herodotus, Frobenius Leo, Maurice Delafosse, Cheikh A Diop, and many more are the right steps in the right direction.

African history today, despite the surplus evidence that established its achievements as indigenous African, still remains one of the most controversial history in the world, especially when the long-suppressed question is asked “WHO WERE THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS?” Many European and American scholars and self-acclaimed Egyptologists yet to free their minds from the bondage of racial stereotypes which is regularly fanned by Western media, begins to invent different mendacious claims, that the Ancient Egyptians were white Africans or the Red / Brown race.

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Some have even gone as far as claiming that the Ancient Egyptians are Aliens who came from another planet, build the Pyramids, and disappeared. These kinds of claims mostly put forward by the European and American historians and archaeologists are not only absurd but as a result of ignorance, baked in their Eurocentric education and unwillingness to credit Africans for their historical achievements.

Although many of these ludicrous and baseless claims usually advanced by these kind of fabulist scholars and historians are actually not a trait to the conscious-minded Africans, but to many Africans and billions of people around the world who are jet to recover from mental colonization, these type of claims continue to pose huge problems at all institute of learning around the world.

Why Africans MUST fight to Reclaim their true History

To convey the wonder of Ancient Egypt, and their contributions to humanity is a monumental task. But to deny their true origin is to deny their true existence. Ancient Egyptians were Africans (Blacks) in their existence, their cultural and religious practices,  and in all their greatness.

This magnificent African civilization of ancient Egypt laid down the foundation for our very own existence, and the guidelines for most of our human interactions today. From the day we are born, until the day we die, and throughout our education about, history, science, astronomy, and human anatomy, we owe all to these great Africans. Even our love life and marriages, our religious practices, and the quest for the meaning of life and the belief of life after death are all shaped by ancient Egyptians.

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Once presented in this context, it becomes clear why many European and American historians and scholars find it hard to credit Africans with such an overwhelming accomplishment because doing so will completely destroy the social construct of white supremacy built upon false doctrine.

Author: Osayande Aghaze. US-Expert on Global Policy matters, and Human Rights. He can be reached at Editor@afroworldnews.com

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