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Attack hits Yemen airport during leaders’ arrival

by AfroWorldNews

An attack has hit an airport in Yemen shortly after the arrival of the country’s prime minister, members of its newly formed government, and the Saudi ambassador. This was the moment the attack hit, as officials disembarked from their plane. At least five people have been killed and dozens wounded according to a security source, although Saudi media report that the ambassador and cabinet members were evacuated safely. A Reuters photographer was at the airport in the city of Aden. The security source says three mortar shells hit. It’s not immediately clear who was behind the attack. The government officials on the plane represent a new power-sharing agreement between the Yemeni president, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, and southern separatists. The city has been plagued by violence between those two factions. But they’re also the two main groups backed by Saudi Arabia’s military coalition, which is itself fighting the civil war against the Houthis – who align with Iran. In related news: The United States government this week approved a new $290 million weapons sale to Saudi Arabia, in an effort to end the war. Yemen still remains the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

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