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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Hold a Wedding at ‘Plantation-Style’ House Built by enslaved Africans.

The celebrity couple held their big three-day wedding party at Affleck’s ‘Plantation-style’ property in Georgia. The plantation was worked by slaves and Creek Indians, and the property dates back to before the Civil War. I guess Ben Affleck is proud to be a modern-day plantation owner. Imagine the outcry, if the marriage party was held at a Holocaust-killing house in Germany.

The need to celebrate these plantations where the most heinous atrocities ever known to man occurred seems to fascinate Hollywood celebrities. In fact, in the past few years, many Hollywood celebrities who deem themselves enlightened have been purchasing, and staging parties including weddings in celebration of “Plantations homes” throughout the South.

The main 'big house' mansion is the centerpiece of the property and boasts 6,000 square feet of space

Their arrogance and lack of historical knowledge are no doubt an insult to all well-meaning Americans, and Africans around the world. There is nothing romantic in Death Camps, where enslaved Africans were worked to death and their children sold as commodities.

Ben Affleck and Jenifer Lopez owe well-meaning Americans and Africans an apology. Their attempts to glorify and romanticize “Plantations” in America undermine the ugly and disheartening history of these Death camps.

When you have celebrations and parties on plantations, you are literally dancing on the graves of enslaved people, and there is no other to explain the ugly fascination that many Hollywood celebrities have for these, “Plantations”.


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