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Burundi Expels United Nations, other African Nations should do likewise.

by AfroWorldNews

Burundi recently expels the UN from its country because of what many African leaders see as a UN  double standard.

Burundian Ambassador Renovat Tabu said the departure of the U.N. team had been spun to cast his government in a bad light. He stated, “Burundi is concerned by an unfair accusation which further entrenches the hostility which has been commonplace against Burundi for some time.”

International organizations like the UN and World Bank are shadows of westerns colonial agencies and as such represent Western Nations’ interests.  Western Organizations and corporate interventions continue to stifle genuine opportunities for pro-poor growth in African countries.

Foreign corporate behaviour,  and organizations like the UN  including UK DFID initiatives and EU budget support (alongside so-called ‘policy dialogue’ with aid recipients)
‘New’ donors with an emphasis on Chinese and Turkish economic ambitions in sub-Saharan Africa
EU-Africa trade and development ties in relation to free-market opening under Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs).
The securitization of development, with a focus on French political influence and military interventions in the Sahel, and EU attempts to curb ‘irregular’ migration. The UN SDGs and donor policies surrounding private sector development and infrastructure in African economies.

African nation MUST follow the example of Burundi and expel most of theses Western organization that does not want to see Africa’s development.

Source: Afro World News

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