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CHINESE RACIST NATURE REVEALED. Why are African-Americans’ leader not calling out racism in China?

by AfroWorldNews

Earlier this month of April 2020, the director-general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, accused Taiwan of launching a “campaign” of racist attacks against him. He stated “When the whole black community was insulted, when Africa was insulted, then I don’t tolerate it,” further added, “people are crossing the line.”
It’s an established fact that Coronavirus originated in a Chinese city of Guangzhou. In one of the worst case of irony, the very same Chinese people that have brought one of the deadliest viruses upon humanity have decided to blame thousands of Africans living in China for spreading the novel coronavirus.

The Chinese have a long history of Racist behavior towards Africans. But in these unique circumstances where the entire world is trying to find a collective solution to a global pandemic, Chinese racist attacks against Africans demonstrate and reaffirm the long-held suspicion of Chinese true intentions towards Africa.
The countless videos and clips of innocent Africans attacked by Chinese racist mob and denied access to restaurants like McDonald’s, that have dominated social media have angered millions of Africans around the Globe, and in some cases, resulted in demonstrations and for some African politicians to call for an immediate end of relationship and collaboration with the Chinese government.

This ugly episode of racism has also resurrected the long-held belief among many Africans that the Chinese government is in a secret plot with corrupt African leaders to take over Africa’s land and resources. Given the ongoing racist attacks of Africans in China, one is compelled to reexamine Chinese true intention in Africa.

Another very disturbing trend is the silence of African-American’s politicians and leaders. Why has the world and especially African-American politicians refused to condemn this wanton act of racism by the Chinese? The only effort that the American government has made so far is a statement issued by U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou to warn African-Americans about the ongoing discrimination in China.

On March 30th, 2020, the leaders of the congressional black, Asian and Hispanic caucuses gathered to condemn the racism that the Asian American community is confronting as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. While African-American politicians were eager to rush to the aide of their fellow Chinese and Asian-Americans, so far, they have remained silent as Chinese attacks Africans.

This issue of the disconnect between Africans and African-Americans continues to serve and reinforce the false notion that Africans and African-Americans are distinct groups of people. In this case, Chinese like most racist society see skin color and African features. Nationality and traveling documents; i.e. Passport does not shield Africans or anyone with African ancestry, Including African-Americans.

These racist attacks targeting Africans have become a daily routine in China and Indian. In March 2017, a large group of Indian racist mob attack several African students. The Indian government in many ways continues to fan its racist propaganda against Africans. On the other hand, millions of Chinese and Indians enjoy a comfortable and thriving lifestyle throughout Africa. Its time for decent people around the world to stand up and condemn China and hold Chinese people accountable for these ongoing attacks. African governments MUST hold the Chinese government accountable, evict millions of Chinese from their luxury homes, and hotels. In these unique circumstances, the just cause of action will be an equal treatment of the Chinese in Africa.

Africa can survive without Chinese’ loans and support. The true solution to Africa’s’ problem lies within its reach in Africa.

Source: Afro World News

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