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Did Republican Party found their “Uncle Tom” in California?

by AfroWorldNews

 Larry Elder is an African American man whose position is that America is a country where there is NO racism, and most African Americans are just lazy and like to play the ” Race Card”. Those living in the country illegally? Deport them. Affirmative action? End it. Equal pay? The glass ceiling doesn’t exist.

He further asserts that the election of 2020 was stolen from Trump.

Fueled by a combination of arcane recall rules, name recognition, and partisan desperation, his rise to the top of a pack of some four dozen challengers has stunned and unnerved many in both parties.

This month, The Sacramento Bee and two Republican candidates — Kevin Faulconer, a former San Diego mayor, and Caitlyn Jenner, a television personality and former Olympian — demanded that Elder drops out of the race after an ex-girlfriend of his said he brandished a gun at her while high on marijuana during a 2015 breakup.

Larry Elder will never win the election, but his appearance on stage makes the handful of Republicans in a Blue Blue Blue state like California hopeful. In the end, this is just another attempt by Republicans to undermine the electoral process.


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