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Donald Trump May Still Be Able To Overturn Election Results, Experts Warns as Trump aspire to be the first American Dictator

by AfroWorldNews

President Donald Trump has not yet conceded to Democrat Joe Biden, who was projected the winner of the 2020 presidential race last week. Instead, Trump has deemed the contest fraudulent, mounting legal challenges in several key states. Meanwhile, many Republicans have stood by him, refusing to acknowledge Biden as president-elect.

Many experts sounding an alarm that Trump may be able to overturn the election result with the help of Republicans many of whom have pledged their loyalty to Trump at the expense of the United States Constitution.

According to many experts, Trump could still overturn the results. In a report published on Wednesday, Prokop explained that Trump still has a path to winning another term in the White House, even though he finished behind Biden in a number of critical battlegrounds.

To achieve his objective, Trump would need the support of officials and judges, as well as concrete proof of widespread electoral fraud, according to the reporter.

“The dangerous scenario would be if some combination of Republican state officials, Republican legislators, and Republican-appointed judges attempts to block the certification of results in key states Biden won, or to replace Biden electors with Trump electors — likely citing assertions that the election results were plagued by some type of fraud.”

So far, the Trump campaign’s lawsuits have been unsuccessful, but conservative judges may be willing to side with the commander-in-chief, according to Prokop. The conservative-leaning Supreme Court, the reporter noted, may be willing to do the same.Lindsey Graham's Brett Kavanaugh rant, and history with Trump, explained - Vox


Furthermore, even though the Democratic Party controls important offices in swing states, the GOP has control over legislatures in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia. In theory, conservative-leaning legislators might be willing to overturn the election.

In fact, Prokop pointed out, some GOP lawmakers have already signaled willingness to do so. Notably, Wisconsin state Rep. Joe Sanfelippo and Pennsylvania’s Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman have both suggested that they would be willing to meddle in the electoral process.

Until the election of Trump in 2016, many Americans could not imagined what the Trump administration has done and continues to do.. in his effort to be the first American Dictator..

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