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Dramatic Video Shows Black Mom Arrested in Own House for No ID While Son Watches in Horror

by By Kalyn Womack
An Alabama woman is accusing the police of racism for an arrest stemming from a noise complaint.

A Black Alabama woman claims while trying to report her white neighbor for a noise complaint, she was placed in handcuffs which proved her argument at that moment: the police don’t treat Black folks how they treat white folks.

Twyla Stallworth recorded the encounter she had on Feb 23. with the Andalusia police after allegedly making multiple complaints about her white neighbor who she claims was blasting music. Stallworth says her complaints went ignored so she decided to get the neighbor’s attention herself by setting off her car alarm. Per Stallworth’s account, the neighbor then had the nerve to make a counter-complaint about her car alarm.

Stallworth’s son recorded the encounter, capturing the office ask for her identification. She refused and accused the cop of not asking the neighbor for their identification because they were white. In the state of Alabama, residents are not entitled to show identification unless in a public place. He then asked her to put her hands behind her back and shoved her son out of the way, barging his way inside the home. Stallworth refused again demanding to know why the officer wanted it and then orders her son to call his father.

Barton made an attempt to physically place Stallworth’s arms behind her back and upon her resistance, pushed her on the couch.

“No! No! Mom, it’s okay. It’s okay!” her son says in a heartbreaking, frightened voice behind the camera. As Barton allows Stallworth to stand back up and escort her outside, her son calmly asks the officer why she’s being arrested. Barton responded she was going to jail for “failure to identify.”

Well, that answer wasn’t good enough for Stallworth nor her newly appointed civil rights attorney.

“Nevermind that Officer Barton needlessly escalated the situation, forcefully entered Ms. Stallworth’s home and physically assaulted her over a noise complaint. Nevermind that he arrested her for exercising her constitutional rights and nevermind that he misquoted a law that doesn’t require a woman in her own home to present an ID,” said attorney Harry Daniels. “He was leaving. He was walking back to his car ready to drive away right up until she called out his racism.”


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