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Failure of Nigerian Leaders Gave Birth to Operation Amotekun

by AfroWorldNews

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, recently met with South West Governors, the Attorney General of the Federation and also the Inspector General of Police to handle the joint South West states construction of a defense force; Amotekun.

The office of the Vice President mentioned that the conference was in the example of the Governors that had requested to meet President Muhammadu Buhari due to the controversy surrounding the Amotekun Security Initiative.The office of the vice president stated, “Having regard to the demand for those hands to remain on deck in dealing with the security issues throughout the nation, it was agreed the framework of Amotekun will typically align with the Community Policing technique of the Federal Government.

For millions of Nigerians, the development of Amotekun is long overdue as it’s become apparent the Nigerian Army or Police has done nothing to protect them from the regular killings and attacks by Fulani herdsmen equipped with AK 47. These acts of killings and raping of women, plus the destruction of farms have been overlooked by the Nigerian government and leaders. These wanton acts of violence triggered South West governors on January 7th 2020 to inaugurate Operation Amotekun, a security strategy pressure designed to fight kidnapping and killings in their communities by Fulani herdsmen.

Many in the South West villages and communities have been displaced as well as ransacked as Fulani herdsmen begin to impose themselves in these communities. In the majority of instances, these band of Fulani herdsmen criminals aren’t arrested or even being persecuted. This to many Nigerians epitomize Nigerian’s leadership failures.

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