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Florida Governor to Haitian Migrants: You’re Not Welcome Here

by ByStephen A. Crockett Jr.
Protesters join together in front of a USCIS Building to denounce the expulsion of Haitian refugees from Del Rio, Texas, on September 22, 2021 in Miami, Florida. Thousands of mostly Haitian immigrants are in limbo on the U.S. Mexico border at Del Rio, Texas. U.S. immigration authorities have been deporting some of them directly to Haiti.Photo: Joe Raedle (Getty Images)

As Haitian families began landing on the lily-white sands of Texas–all of them seeking a better life away from a country ravished by earthquakes and political strife–some dozens hoped to be resettled across America, but unfortunately for the U.S., Florida has not defected and that means Florida, the Karen of states, has issued a mandate to those migrants: We don’t want you.

Last week Florida, wearing a mean kitten heel and this haircut:

“sued the federal government Tuesday, demanding the Biden administration retain people who claim asylum at U.S. borders instead of releasing them to await a hearing,” the Sun-Sentinel reports.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis “signed an executive order preventing any state agencies from ‘aiding or abetting in any way what the federal government is doing right now.’”

Despite being a meth-haven, Florida has decided that they don’t want any migrants, which means should they arrive, the responsibility of caring for migrants would fall on South Florida’s churches, charities, state representatives and community organizers.

It’s important that the country doesn’t ignore the rights of those seeking asylum, but who are kidding? America does what it wants when it wants.

“Why aren’t they granting these people due process where they can apply for political asylum? Why is there a double standard from Haitians to Afghans to Cubans?” Father Reginald Jean-Mary, pastor of Notre Dame d’Haiti Mission in Miami said, the Sun-Sentinel reports. “We want the administration to stop the deportation, treat them with dignity, investigate the abuses that were perpetrated against our brothers and our sisters at the border. It’s inhumane. That’s not what America is.”

Sadly, this is exactly who America is unless there is a massive influx of migrants from Eastern Europe.

“We are asking the president to immediately pause all deportation flights,” Reverend Doctor Keny Felix, senior pastor of Bethel Evangelical Baptist Church in Miami Gardens, told the Sun-Sentinel. “We want more transparency for this entire process.”

Rep. Dotie Joseph (D-Miami), noted that Title 42 the Trump-era injunction that the Biden administration is using to deport migrants is being applied unjustly.

“It’s a law that was designed to be an emergency feature used by the U.S. Health Department in cases of true health emergencies where everybody needs to be quarantined,” she said. “It was never meant to apply specifically to immigrants. Applying it to immigrants was a political plot to address the political issue of Black and brown people crossing the border.”

The Sun-Sentinel notes that Joseph has offered pro bono legal services to refugees. She added that the governor’s order won’t stop the Haitian Bridge Project’s attempts to aid migrants as their funding is from the federal government, not the state.

“Despite the anti-immigrant attack born of radical right indoctrination, the governor’s order does nothing to impact these protections because it can’t stop organizations and churches from stepping up to the plate to help,” she said. “As a Haitian immigrant and attorney myself, I want to reaffirm that immigrants are people too and should not be mistreated based on their race or national origin.”

Source: TheRoot

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