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Germany shisha lounge shootings: All the latest updates

by Aljazeera

After nine people were killed at shisha bars, German prosecutor reveals details of suspect’s far-right manifesto.
At least nine people were killed late on Wednesday as a 43-year-old German man went on a shooting rampage in the western town of Hanau, targeting customers at two separate shisha lounges.

The suspect and his mother were found dead in his apartment early on Thursday after a huge manhunt.

Police are attempting to identify the victims.

Federal prosecutors have said there are indications of a far-right motive.

Police said the two crime scenes were at Heumarkt, in the centre of Hanau, and Kurt-Schumacher-Platz in the western neighbourhood of Kesselstadt, about 2km (1.24 miles) away. The suspect’s apartment was also in Kesselstadt.

Witness testimony

“Last night, in Kesselstadt, in the Arena Bar, we first heard five or six gunshots. After that I saw [a man] going inside. I was eating at that moment – we were all eating, we had already paid the bill. A man went inside. There were 10 to 12 people. Only two, three or four managed to survive. One of them was me.

“The man came to one side and shot everyone. Then he came to our side. He shot the first guy in his head. He immediately fell down. Then he started shooting at the rest of us. My arm … I hid behind the wall. While hiding behind the wall I got shot in my arm. Then I fell onto the ground. Another guy fell over me, I fell over another guy, a guy fell over me, another one fell over him … We all went down like (inaudible), we were all one big pile.

“The guy that was lying under me, he had a hole in his throat. There was a hole in his throat. I spoke to him. He told me: ‘Brother, I cannot feel my tongue. I cannot feel my tongue, I am not able to breathe.’

“I said to him … I recited the shahada [the Islamic creed]. The guy started to scream, repeating the shahada, saying: ‘Everyone say shahada.’ No-one responded. There was only the two of us left. Yes. The man ran afterwards. We couldn’t see anything.”

Source: RTV

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