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Greece Abandoned Hundreds of African Migrants to Drown at Sea

Citing a report by The Times, a top E.U. official said the Greek authorities had been urged to investigate after footage showed the Greek Coast Guard leaving African migrants to drown at sea.

Recent verified reports suggest that Greece has abandoned hundreds of African migrants to their fate at sea, leading to tragic drownings. These reports are deeply troubling and demand a thorough investigation to establish the veracity of the claims.

The reports of Greece abandoning African migrants at sea establish the fact that the Greek authorities have callously turned a blind eye to distress calls, leading to tragic drownings. It is claimed that Greece’s actions violate international humanitarian and refugee laws, which mandate the protection and assistance of individuals in need, regardless of their origin or background.

Given the gravity of the allegations, it is crucial to conduct an impartial and transparent investigation to determine the facts surrounding these incidents. The international community should work together to ensure that any potential violations are properly addressed. Transparency, accountability, and adherence to international standards are essential in upholding the principles of human rights and humanitarian assistance. For once, African leaders and Nation-state MUST lead an exhaustive investigation to determine whether Greece violated international laws which appear to be the case in this terrible tragedy.

Migration is a complex challenge that requires a comprehensive, humane, and well-coordinated approach.  Protecting all lives, regardless of color, religion, and greed are necessary to address this issue effectively and protect the rights and lives of all individuals, regardless of their origin.

Written by: Osayande Aghaze. US-Expert on Global Policy Matters, and Human Rights.


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