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Here We Go Again: A ‘Karen’ Calls Cops On Black Man Standing In Front Of His Home

by Kalyn Womack

Another day, another Karen. A video has been circulating social media of a white woman calling the police to report a Black man for standing outside his house, according to The Seattle Times. Yes, just standing. The woman accused the man of being a burglar but insisted race had “nothing to do” with her choice to profile him.

In a video posted to Reddit, Dayson Barnes confronts a white woman who was allegedly snooping around his newly rented home.

“Today I had to leave the middle of a work meeting because my boyfriend said a woman was outside causing issues,” said Barnes’ partner in the Reddit post. “This woman drove past our rental home, saw my boyfriend (who happens to be the only black man on the block) walk inside our house, and turned around to demand that he proved he lived here. Then she called the cops.”

Barnes said he told the woman he had moved in three weeks ago, but she proceeded to accuse him of trespassing. “If you guys have a lease, I’d just like to see the lease,” the woman said in the video.

More on the incident from The Seattle Times:

Barnes said that when he approached her to ask if she needed something, the woman said she knew who lived in the home and accused him of not being a resident there. The woman told him he shouldn’t be at the property, and called 911, he said.

That’s when Barnes went back into the house to retrieve his phone to film the interaction, and to tell his partner about the dispute, he said. Barnes said the woman’s demeanor changed when she saw his partner, who is white, come outside.

Shortly after, King County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived to respond “to reports of a potential residential burglary,” according to spokesperson Zoe Birkbeck.

“Before arriving on scene, dispatch advised responding deputies that the caller said that it was a misunderstanding however now a verbal disturbance had ensued,” Birkbeck said in an email.

In the video, Barnes’ partner accuses the woman of calling the cops simply because Barnes is Black to which she responds, “Oh my gosh this has nothing to do with race.” Barnes is Black and was wearing a hoodie: the default description of someone about to be criminally profiled. How much do you want to bet she would’ve left it alone if Barnes was white?

Barnes’ partner said the two moved to Seattle from Texas with hopes of avoiding situations like these. Unfortunately, Karens have infested the whole country – so much that there’s a proposed CAREN Act (Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies) to prevent Black people from being harassed by white women who don’t know how to mind their business.

Given the number of fatal interactions Black people have with police, it should be illegal to call the police on us for no good reason.


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