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Hot Boiling Pot & the Kitchen Stove; The Dangers it poses to our Children as a Leading Cause of Burn and Scalds Injuries in America

16 years ago, I experience an event that continues to hunt me. My then 2 years daughter had an accident that scarred her for life. In an instant, she reached and grabbed the handle of a hot boiling pot of water and pulled it from the stove. The hot boiling water poured down and scalded her left arm. We were lucky, unfortunately, many American families are not as lucky, because thousand of children dies or surfer from facial and other permanent scars..

Every year, an average of 120,000 children 14 years of age and younger suffer some form of permanent damage due to accidental burns and injuries.

For the past 16 years, I have been an advocate for Child Safety and engaged in educating parents and child caregivers of the dangers that our children face in our kitchens. My commitment and efforts have been to ensure that no other child suffers from hot stove burnt, and no other father, mother, or caregiver goes through the horrible experience as we did.

Most children at an early age are fascinated by the stove in the kitchen.  Since most families spend the majority of their time in the kitchen, children are constantly trying to climb the stove by pulling on the oven door and standing on the handle of the pot drawer at the bottom of the stove. It is a never-ending battle for parents and caregivers to keep children from trying to pull the hot pot from the stove, open the oven, and keep their hands away from the stovetop and the hot pans.

According to data from the National SAFE KIDS Campaign: Accidental or unintentional burn and injury is the leading cause of death among children, teens, and young adults in America.

The sad reality of this terrible occurrence is that most burn accidents in children are preventable.

By utilizing Child Safety devices like American Foldable Stove & Oven Guard. The only 3-in-one device in the market and Easy to Install – Foldable and durable. Parent get can get rest of mind knowing that their children are safe and fully protected.

Anti-tip brackets are also very useful, but they are designed to prevent stoves from tipping over when weight is applied to an open door, and it does not protect children from pulling hot boiling pots and from pouring over and scaring or killing children.

To avoid this terrible burn accident that can leave an everlasting physical scar and physiological damage, and possible criminal charges for child neglect, many Children Safety advocate groups across the country recommend the utilization of Children Safety Devices like American Foldable Stove & Oven Guard that also protect the stove, knob, and oven. So in addition to Anti-tp-brackets, it is essential to use American Stove and Oven guard to protect what matters most; our children.





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