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HOW AMERICAN CORPORATIONS SOLD US TO CHINA. We can not even make a mask or Glove even when our lives depends on it.

Once upon a time, not long ago, there was a great country where all things were manufactured. That country was America until the large corporation became greedy and shipped all the jobs to Asia and to Central and Latin America.

As the story goes, When this great country faced a deadly pandemic, the country was unable to manufacture the simplest healthcare products, like masks and gloves. A once great country that manufactured everything could no longer manufacture anything, even when the lives of its citizens depended on it.

For more than two decades, American greedy corporations aided by the politicians that they constantly lobby send millions of jobs away — while millions of Americans remain unemployed or underemployed at home. Most CEO of American manufacturing corporations, both large and small will tell you that they decided to cut costs by cutting American jobs and sending the work overseas, mostly to China.

When exactly did American corporations start to outsource American’s job. The answer may surprise you. The trend began in the late 1970s as large manufacturers such as General Electric. GE’s then CEO, Jack Welch, argued that public corporations owe their primary allegiance to stockholders, not employees. Welch said, companies should seek to lower costs and maximize profits by moving operations wherever is cheapest. “Ideally,” Welch said, “you’d have every plant you own on a barge to move with currencies and changes in the economy.”

In many ways, Jack Welch was and still viewed as one of the most successful CEO in American business ventures, especially in the areas of profit at-all cost philosophy. Many aspiring CEOs and corporations adopted Jack Welch’s philosophy and move their business to any and everywhere, excerpt America.

Many American corporations continue to defend outsourcing American’s job as the only way to compete with inexpensive, high-quality imports. They say that moving to cheap-labor countries like China, Mexico, Taiwan, and Malaysia is allowing U.S. industry to compete.

In light of the ongoing devastating impact of COVID-19, Americans have begun to reevaluate this long practice of out-sourcing of American Jobs. At times of crisis, such as this, any nation that relies on other nations for basic healthcare products like masks and gloves is a nation that is not self-sufficient and thus can not survive.

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