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How the Politics of Lies and Deception is Damaging US institutions

Afro World News Press writers; Osayande Aghaze

As America enters another decade in governmental issues, and approaching presidential election race, there is one steady and ever present risk to America’s Democratic foundations; “Created and Damaging Lies”. The way that government officials exaggerate is the same old thing, yet to make inside and out bogus and deceiving claim and lies is new, and Trump positively has taken the demonstration of falsehoods and creation of baseless fabrications to another level never found in American politics.

Trump lies and inside and out twisting of truth cut across all issues, no matter how you look at it in open discourse and official announcements. He announced clean-air accomplishments when the air has gotten dirtier. He professed to have thought of the “good thought” of letting veterans look for private consideration at open cost, when that was at that point law, achieved by President Barack Obama.
He grumbled that he didn’t get the Nobel Peace Prize for harmony in Ethiopia, when he had little to nothing to do with it.

In the case of Ethiopia, Trump stated, “I’m going to tell you about the Nobel Peace Prize, I will tell you about that. I made a deal, I saved the country and I just heard that the head of that country is now getting the Nobel Peace Prize for saving the country. I said, what, did I have something to do with it? Yeah but, you know, that is the way it is. ” Toledo, Ohio, rally Thursday.

But the FACT, is that Trump did not save Ethiopia. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed won the prize in October after he fully accepted a peace deal ending a 20-year border war with neighboring Eritrea that saw some 80,000 people killed. Trump had zero involvement in the negotiations and or the process that lead to the peace deal. In fact, while the two African nations were in the process of peace negotiations, Trump was busy calling African nations derogatory names.

The noble prize was awarded to president Abiy, Africa’s most youthful pioneer, for far reaching developments in Ethiopian culture as he discharged a huge number of detainees, invited home once-restricted resistance gatherings, extended opportunity of articulation and recognized his nation’s past maltreatment.
Listening to Trump and his Republicans supporters sing praises of Trump’s Job numbers, its hard to face the fact that growth in manufacturing jobs decelerated sharply in 2019, to 46,000, down from 264,000 added jobs in 2018. And if this trend continues, American will lose more manufacturing jobs in 2020.

In one of Trump’s rally at Toledo, he stated, “For 44 years they try to get accountability. … I said, you know … I have an idea, such a great idea. You are going to go out private, you’re going to pick up a doctor, you are going to get yourself fixed up, we’re going to pay the bill, right? And you know what happened? And I said how — how brilliant is that? They say sir, we’ve been working on that for 48 years but we’ve never been able to get it approved. So I was very, very disillusioned but you know what I’m good at, getting things approved and we got it approved.” — to cheers at Toledo rally.

In any case, the FACT is that the achievement that he proclaims was not his thought, and he didn’t get it endorsed. Obama got it affirmed. Obama marked into law the Choice program that releases veterans to a private specialist at open cost under certain conditions. Trump routinely overlooks that and says previous presidents have attempted to complete it for a long time. He just extended the Obama previously structured and endorsed program.

Trump even claimed to be the person directly responsible for the reduction of Cancer death rate. TRUMP: “U.S. Cancer Death Rate Lowest In Recorded History! A lot of good news coming out of this Administration.” — tweet Thursday.

But the FACT according to the National Institutes of Health is that death rate from cancer has declined nearly 30% since 1991 and took its sharpest one-year drop in 2017. But the data did not reflect increase in cancer-research spending under the Trump administration.

On the issue of environment, TRUMP: “We have some of the cleanest air and cleanest water on earth, and for our country the air is right now cleaner than it’s been in 40 years.” — remarks Thursday.
The fact is that air quality has worsen under the Trump administration. Furthermore, it’s a stretch to state the U.S. is among the nations with the cleanest air. Many countries have less smoggy air. Trump offered the comments as he proposed the most recent requirement rollbacks for the bedrock natural acts credited with starting the tidy up of U.S. air and water 50 years back.

These bogus and strange falsehoods and manufacture lies are a piece of a consistent attack on our existing American’s institutions. If not contained, these wanton act of lies can inevitably prompt the death of our Democracy. There can be no Democracy without trust in institutions and elected officials.

Afro World News Press writers; Osayande Aghaze

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