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Yes, it is possible to Stop Nigerian’s greedy and corrupt politicians from looting Nigerians’ future for their self-centered gains in just 90 Days. You may wonder how, well my solution is effective, cheap to implement, and self-sustainable. In fact, if this ultimate solution is implemented, it will not only guarantee an end to corruption in Nigeria but will also discourage greedy politicians from ever running for office.

Religion in Nigeria and throughout Africa constitutes an inextricable part of the entire society. As such, political and socio-economic activities are often flavored with religious expressions and rituals. While Africans are steeped in religiosity, corruption amongst African politicians is routine, and in almost all cases, there is no accountability nor any deterrence, thus poverty and corruption are rife on the continent, in spite of its religious fervor.

Many experts have argued that Christianity and Islam have contributed to the culture of corruption in Africa, as pastors and other religious leaders developed their own web of exploitation, thus giving impetus to poverty and more corruption on the continent.

How to Finally End Corruption in Nigeria; A 90 Days Modest Proposal

My ultimate solution draws its strength from pre-colonial Africa.  By using the concept of African spirituality and practices as a means of holding corrupt politicians accountable, Africans will be using authentic African solutions for African problems.

So going forward, all Nigerian politicians within 90 days of assuming office, will be summoned before our traditional elders to take a traditional oat at every ancestral shrine located at each state and locality. Our senators, ministers, and governors will all be summoned to take this simple yet most effective oath before our traditional elders and in the presence of God and our ancestors. This traditional oath-taking ceremony shall henceforth be part of the swearing-in ceremony for any position in Nigeria that involves the administration of public funds.

Presently, police arrest and the Kangaroo court systems in Nigeria have failed and will never deter our greedy corrupt politicians. The only true oath that demands immediate atonement and has been proven to deter corruption and ill vice in Africa is the African Traditional Oat. If this modest proposal is implemented effectively, it will open a new chapter of accountability that will no doubt contribute to moral, socio-political, and economic transformation in Africa.

Now. I can see some Nigerian politicians’ wives trembling because they know that African-ancestral oaths are real, effective, and in most cases do not only punish the thief but their entire family and generations. So I hope that you will put your current religion aside, and let’s adopt for once an African solution to Africa’s problem. In fact, the use of traditional oath-taking ceremonies is not strange in Nigeria. Many cultures and communities in Nigeria use the medium of traditional oaths to deal with criminality in society as evidenced by the recent King-Oba of Benin’s intervention to stop human trafficking. In March 2018,  the King-Oba of the Benin Empire summoned the kingdom’s traditional religious priests to a ceremony at his palace and dismissed the curses they had placed on trafficking victims – and cast a fresh curse on anyone who went against his order. Since then, evidence from people involved in the trade suggests that trafficking has reduced by 90 percent.

At this juncture, all options to stop corruption in Nigeria have failed, and it’s obvious that this wanton act of corruption is not sustainable. So this simple and most promising solution may just be Africa’s last hope.

The Author; Osayande Aghaze. US-Expert on Global Policy matters, and Human Rights can 
be reached at: Editor@AfroWorldNews.com


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