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Human Organic trafficking has become a lucrative business around the globe, especially in Africa where there are poverty and lack of vital government institutions that are capable of protecting children, the poor and the most vulnerable groups of citizens. The absence of a viable agency to protect African children has made Africa once again a fertile ground for many European medical professionals, Nurses, and middlemen who are involved in this inhumane business of exploitation.

There are many documented cases where some poverty-ridden communities in Indian sell their organs to feed their children and cover their domestic costs. The Middlemen sell the organs in millions throughout Europe while offering peanuts to the organ sellers. Though there are strict restrictions in place on such illegal practices globally, yet Organ Trafficking continues unabatedly through the world especially in Africa, Asia, and the countries where poverty ratio is relatively high and the nations hit by political turmoil. Iran is the only country where organ transplant has state permission and everyone can buy and sell organs as per WHO reports. Iran’s economy has been paralyzed due to strict US economic sanctions. The other reason for trafficking may be the maximum number of unemployment, bad governance, ignorance, illiteracy, and poverty that prompts people to sell their organs such as the Liver, kidney, etc to support their family and children during hard times.


Some analysts are of the view that there are some organized International groups having networks operating globally who exploit the poor segments to sell their organs by offering huge amounts of money and sell the same in lucrative International markets pock millions of dollars in so-called illegal Human organ Trade. There are bitter facts about these inhumane crimes that some well-known Medical Practitioners and Hospitals are running this secret business and playing havoc with the precious lives of the Poor people disregarding the laws in place or Human rights.

In the past, Asian countries such as India, Iran, and Pakistan have a high level of cases especially related to bonded labor and Brick Kiln Workers whose wages are withheld by the owners and compelling them to sell their organs to cover their daily livelihood and Health costs since no health insurance facility is provided to these poor brick kiln workers. In light of many increase efforts by local and state police throughout Asia to crack down on these crimes, the emphasis has since shifted to Africa.

Most African countries are relatively facing economic challenges, Political upheavals, and rampant corruption and poor law enforcement agencies, as a result, there is a high ratio of Joblessness and lack of business opportunities. Thus many organized criminal entities see Africa as a fertile ground for their inhumane crimes. These vulnerable poor communities throughout are lured and trapped by Organ Trafficking Mafia by offering millions of dollars and depriving them of their organs such as Kidney, Liver etc.

Countries like Nigeria, Egypt, Philippines, Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh have fallen prey to these Organ Trafficking mafias, and despite some restrictions imposed by health Regulatory bodies worldwide including WHO, the Organ Trade and Transplantation continue unabated around the world regardless of any ban or legal issues as these mafias enjoy support from strongmen in power corridors and continue their illegal Organ Sale and Purchase business pocking millions of dollars in black-markets while paying peanuts to organ sellers.
Femi-Kayode former Nigerian aviation minister stated in one his tweeted: “Roasted alive” “This is what Libyans do to sub-Sahara Africans who are looking for a transit point to Europe. They sell them into slavery and either murder, mutilate, torture, or work them to death.”

Despite UN general Assembly Resolutions against Human Organ Trafficking, the practice continues globally putting human rights at risk especially in African countries where the poverty monster is gobbling the poor by compelling them to take an unethical decision that may prove disastrous in the Long run.
The international Health body (WHO) Study, as well as the related media reports, have revealed shocking facts that most of human organ trafficking cases happened with African Migrant Refugees in Egypt, Libya, as they were compelled to sell their Organs for the sake of livelihood as migrants, had limited citizenry rights in Egypt.

Though UN has adopted various resolutions against Human organ Trafficking Globally, yet all the member nations must frame laws to regulate Transplants and ban illegal organ trafficking done by some nefarious Groups and individuals risking the lives of the poor segments of society by exploiting their needs, wants, hardships and compelling them to sell their organs to these unscrupulous people who have no regard for humanity or dignity of people.

These criminals have established well-organized networks, the International Police (Interpol) may be tasked to burst and break their global network.
The countries such as Sudan, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Eritrea are also stalled with Illegal Human Organ trafficking as transplants were executed in Egypt.
Back in 2018, Egyptian criminal court had sentenced over 37 persons including Doctors, nurses Medical Staff and Middlemen involved in the illegal trade of Human Organs. They were captured in the raid on a tip-off and millions of dollars were retrieved from them. The investigation heralds serious revelations that how these malafide groups operate globally having no regard for humanity.

The news reports confirm that Egypt is reportedly a big market for organ sales as people sell their body organs to wealthy foreigners- mostly rich Europeans for illegal riches and perks offered to them and the middlemen facilitate such deals thwarting International law and human rights.
The Human organ trafficking is a global issue and all the countries should be united to frame strict laws and put strict restrictions on those concerned with health systems such as doctors, nurses and medical professionals to stop such illegal practices by awarding exemplary hard punishments who are found involved in such inhuman and illegal organ trade.

There is a great need to establish A global Body of UN to control, Contain and Prevent Illegal Human Organ trade to save vulnerable communities in Africa and throughout the world from falling prey to these wealthy Europeans who risk the lives of poor communities by luring them with some hard cash and in some cases promise of good lives in European countries.

Some victims of these horrible acts have shared sad stories of how their organs were stolen from their bodies without their consent on free treatment offers, the promise of European residence permits, and much more false promises. Illegal Organ trade has been a global issue and the timely steps of UN and member states can help contain this Evil menace. Most importantly African leaders MUST stand up and protect their citizens, especially their children, and underprivileged people from the grip of these nefarious, devilish, and well-organized criminals.

SOURCE: AfroWorldNews.com
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