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It’s Time for a New Gospel in Africa! The Gospel of Truth, Innovation, self-reliance, and selflessness.

I like to begin this preposition with due credits to Casey Gerald for his great outline of reconstructive examination of conventional beliefs. While this preposition does address Africa and Africans directly, it however shares a universal theme. It is True that Africans are renowned for their overwhelming religious commitment and practices, especially their commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

However, it is my opinion that the time has come for a new gospel.  You see, I like many Africans have come a long way from that shining altar made of golden thrones and a dense congregation where people spoke in tongues and saw suffering and poverty as a necessary act of God. Yes, I’ve come so far that I’m daring to propose a new Gospel. But this gospel, unlike the past, is different, because it’s the gospel of self-reliance, selflessness, and it demands hardworking as a means to salvation. Yet embodied in the grace and wisdom of the old; The universal almighty God, and all ever-enduring code of worship, love for one another, and true devotion to God, and most importantly the dedication and worship of God, not false images that have been handed down by colonial entities.

A gospel torn in two by a white Jesus – Baptist News Global

You will be wrong if you think that I want Africans to abandon their beliefs because it simply is not true to say that I am advocating for an age of disbelief — no because Africans believe today just as they have believed as much as any time that came before. So you will ask, why then do they need the new gospel? My answer is simple; the past and the current gospel do not, and will not fulfill their earthly and heavenly needs, because it has been based on the philosophy of “believe” instead of truth and knowledge, coupled with hard work as the true means to salvation.

Africans believe most deeply when they worship at the church and speak in the tongues of charismatic pastors and prophets that promise to solve all problems with ease, but yet, in the same breath, these same pastors and prophets advocate suffering and poverty as a necessary action needed to achieve salvation. For many Africans who are disturbed by the unconscionable things that they have come to accept, this new gospel is the questioning time. But before you abandon your church, I must caution you that I have not a gospel of disruption or disbelief. I do not even have a gospel made of faith alone, but instead, I offer an alternative gospel of truth and knowledge! This gospel is made of hard work, self-reliance, determination, love of humanity, and love of knowledge.

This gospel of Truth and knowledge does not ask that you stop believing, it simply asks that you believe a new thing that it is almost possible not to believe. It simply asks that you doubt the old and current gospel, that maybe, just maybe; all the answers we have in the past and present are wrong. It demands that you question that may be; it is even possible that the questions we have been asking are wrong. Yes, the gospel of truth and knowledge means that it is possible that pastors and prophets at the altar stage, in dense congregation churches all over Africa are wrong. Because it raises the question, “Why?” With all the spiritual power, commitment, belief, and prayers that we hold in our hands, as (Africans) why are we still suffering so badly?

This question led me to this truth and knowledge, which leads me to think that maybe, just maybe,  it’s time for a new gospel! The gospel of  TRUTH and Knowledge. Because our time here on earth is too short and our odds are too long to wait in vain. This new gospel of truth and knowledge demands more than just believing, it demands more than I even know, but its guarantee result! So this truth and knowledge of this Gospel fuel me, it gives me hope that when our troubles overwhelm us when the paths laid out for us seem to lead to our demise when our pastor and prophets bring no comfort to our wounds, it will no longer be our gospel, but our desire to doubt and not our blind faith – Or, it may even be our humble truth that shines a little light into the darkness of our lives and of our world.

So Africans, lets us Doubt for once! Let us seek the truth and attain true knowledge of self, and let us raise our voice to sing and glorify God in light and no longer dwell in the darkness of ignorance. Let for the sake of this new gospel of truth and knowledge, learn, seek truth and dare to embrace in full faith, knowledge, dedication, and hard work. “There must be another way.” and this is the only way.

The author Osayande Aghaze can be reached: editor@Afroworldnews.com

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