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Larry Elder; World Famous “Uncle Tom”

by AfroWorldNews

Larry Elder is proud of his nickname: as the most famous “as race traitors, sellouts, and “Uncle Toms.” Larry

Elder, the prominent conservative radio talk show host, discussed his new movie on “The Chicago Way” podcast that I co-host with WGN radio producer Jeff Carlin. Elder is one of the producers and writers of the film, which was directed by Justin Malone.

California’s recall election for governor is set for September 14. This gives Larry Elder, who is the GOP’s fundraising lead, according to Politico, or 45 other candidates the opportunity to unseat the state’s current governor, Gavin Newsom.

Calls for a recall began prior to the pandemic when Newsom’s adversaries grew discontent with California’s “homelessness crisis, high taxes and cost of living, immigration, and rationing water and energy use,” according to Insider’s Lauren Frias. But the calls grew louder after COVID-19 took hold and Newsom implemented mitigation methods.

Laurence Allen Elder was born in 1952; his father was a Republican and his mother was a Democrat. He grew up in South Central Los Angeles and attended Crenshaw High School. His household was abusive and growing up he was stopped by police between 75 and 100 times he said, according to a Los Angeles Times podcast “The Times.”

What does Larry Elder believe, politically?

“The biggest challenge in California, in general, is the intrusiveness of government,” he said to CalMatters. “I believe that a government that governs less governs best.”

Here are a few of the candidate’s political positions:


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