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Legacy of Racism continues to hunt the British royal family

by AfroWorldNews

The British royal family is facing backlash this week over another racism controversy after a longtime royal aide was accused earlier this week of repeatedly questioning a Black charity head about their origins.

Why it matters: This is not the first time the royal family has faced accusations of racism.

Lady Susan Hussey — a longtime aide to the late Queen Elizabeth II and William’s godmother — resigned from her role Wednesday after she reportedly questioned a Black charity head at a Buckingham Palace reception about where she was “really from,” Reuters reported.

  • Ngozi Fulani, the head of a domestic abuse charity called Sistah Space, met Hussey at a reception hosted by Camilla, the queen consort, on Tuesday.
  • Fulani said Hussey, 83, repeatedly asked her questions such as: “What part of Africa are you from?” and “What nationality are you?”

The media spotlight on the trip is more intense as Buckingham Palace has become embroiled in a racism scandal that led to the resignation of the Prince of Wales’s godmother, Lady Susan Hussey. A spokesperson for the prince gave a sharp rebuke to her regarding comments to a Black advocate for domestic abuse survivors.


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