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Letters to the Editor: Sheriff Alex Villanueva embarrassed himself again

by AfroWorldNews

To the editor: The infamous incompetence that caused L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva to be defeated for reelection earlier this month was on full display yet again last week. (“Driver in crash that hurt recruits fell asleep at wheel, lawyer says, disputing sheriff’s claims,” Nov. 21)

First, he accused Nicholas Gutierrez of attempted murder for striking deputy recruits with his car. Hours later, Gutierrez was released without charges of any kind being filed. The release occurred because there was no evidence to support Villanueva’s hysterical initial reaction.

Thanks to the sheriff’s ill-considered drivel, Gutierrez likely has a target on his back as big as all L.A. County.

Villanueva’s tenure cannot end soon enough.

Thomas Bailey, Long Beach


To the editor: Gutierrez’s lawyer said his client fell asleep while driving to work before his vehicle struck sheriff’s deputy recruits.

For years I worked at a corporation that had workers come in at 6 a.m. during the busy season. At one point, the company decided that sometimes employees came in when they were not needed, so it would be better for the bottom line if workers were called at 10:30 the night before and told to come in at 6 a.m.

Do the math. It’s not possible to get eight hours of sleep if you’re called in at 10:30, even if you had no commute time.

That corporation’s bottom line put a lot of sleepy drivers on the street.

Joan DaVanzo, Long Beach

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.


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