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Letters to the Editor: The obvious vice presidential pick for Joe Biden is Michelle Obama

by Los Angeles Times Opinion

To the editor: Why does former Vice President Joe Biden’s choice for a female vice president seem so challenging? Why not pick a person who would energize not only the Democratic Party but also the entire nation, especially in these uncertain and stressful times?

Put Michelle Obama on the ticket and wallop President Trump in 2020.

Kathryn Black, San Pedro


To the editor: Can someone please tell Biden to convince Michelle Obama to be his running mate? And can someone please tell Michelle Obama to agree to be the Democratic running mate?

Then, defeating Trump should be a piece of cake.

Holly Ciotti, Los Angeles

To the editor: It’s hard to know if columnist George Skelton is tone-deaf on the mood of the country or simply reflecting his own generational bias. At a time when many Democrats want fresh voices and a clear progressive push, his best advice is that Biden select a hard-core centrist as his running mate.

What Biden needs to excite the progressive left that felt betrayed by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and stayed home from the polls is a moderately younger, progressive candidate who speaks to the hopes and aspirations of the generations who do not feel Biden speaks for them.

Those of us who want a return to sanity and a moderate shift to the left will happily line up behind Biden, but we will not be enough to defeat President Trump.

Skelton’s recommendation of Sen. Amy Klobuchar — who I admire, but do not support — would be the death knell for Biden and the Democrats.

David Higgins, Los Angeles

To the editor: Biden’s best choice is not Klobuchar. Although she’s well qualified, she is a moderate like Biden.

What we need now is a steady, normalizing leader, and Biden fits that need. What we need four years from now is more of the vision of young progressives.

Biden should look at one of the female governors, especially Latina governors like New Mexico’s Lujan Grisham, since he polls poorly with Latinx voters. Influential commentators like Rachel Maddow would do the Democrats a service by showcasing appealing female governors and legislators who are not well known outside their states.

Marcia Edwards, Riverside

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