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Letters to the Editor: You can’t separate Trump’s actions from his character

by AfroWorldNews

To the editor: Samuel J. Abrams’s op-ed article discussing voters’ attitudes on President Trump’s character was puzzling, particularly because it was published just after the first debate between him and former Vice President Joe Biden.

The poll asking whether people rated Trump on personal qualities or his accomplishments suggests somehow that his achievements balance or counter his character. In what way do people “not care” about the character?

I cannot separate the bullying, narcissistic, immoral Trump from his actions such as caging children, demonizing immigrants, excusing white supremacists, denigrating protesters, dismissing COVID-19, and threatening the election.

Have I missed something? Did the president’s monstrous performance in the debate reflect actions or his character? I think they are inseparable.

To the editor: I was dismayed to learn from Abrams’ piece that 60% of Americans are not concerned about what Trump stands for, only what he has done in office. Reading the generational breakdown of these statistics, I became upset about something else altogether.

He tells us what the baby boomers believe, how the millennials feel, and how disgusted Generation Z is with Trump’s lack of morality. What is disgusting to me, however, is the exclusion of a whole generation.

What about Generation X? Where are those stats? Yet again, we are skipped over and silenced.

There are more than 65 million of us. We are not the lost generation. We deserve recognition.

Nova Meza, Los Angeles

To the editor: After reading Abrams’ piece, I wonder if an immoral but successful businesswoman could command the same respect of so many Americans as Trump.

Or, would a potential “Madam President” be subjected to much more scrutiny because of her values?

Amelia Pedrazzi, Hacienda Heights

Source: Los Angeles Times

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