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List Of Lies Europeans Told About Africa – How Many Did You Fall For?

by Chuka Nduneseokwu

They tell us that our stories are not worth being universal models – that our stories are false, just because they don’t understand our heritage. They tell us that our ancestors were evil and that we should abandon them and deny them, while we adopt the names of European ancestors and idolize them.

They tell us that we are lesser humans and that we would only be considered higher class beings if we acted and spoke like them. They make our people believe African culture and ways comes second to European’s – But they lie.

They told us that our deities are worthless and fake but in the dead of night, they steal them and take them back to their lands, and place them in museums for economic purposes.

They said our herbs and medications were not effective, because they were not endorsed by foreigners. But beyond our back, they export our herbs to the labs to produce various drugs.
They took away our respect and use of our precious herbs and made us buy their packaged poisons all in the name of Healthcare.

A million and one lies they have told about us. A million and one times they tried to make us feel less worthy of ourselves and our heritage. But for every time they try to push us to the wall, mother nature, our Gods and our ancestors raise up warriors who would fight for the people and remind them of their place in the hierarchy of things.

Time and time again, Africa fights back, fiercely and subtly – through undiluted culture and fearless liberators.

Africa has all it needs to lead the world again. The outside world should stop trying to teach us how to live. For hundreds of thousands of years, our ancestors blessed this world with their ingenuity. And for thousands of years to come, Africa will still have her Gods living amongst the people.

Let the cunning deceivers keep their lies. We who are chosen, know the truth. And by African laws and ways, we shall overcome.

Africa is beautiful and perfect. Our cultures, ways, and traditions are sustaining for our people. The outside world should leave us alone, and stop peddling lies about us.

Europe should stay away from telling lies about Africa – Europe should quit their age-long business of rewriting African history, narratives, and stories. Europe is a parasite that has refused to let go of African heritage and legacy.

Africans should stand up for themselves and learn the truth about who they are. The truth shall set us free.

This Piece was written by Chuka Nduneseokwu

Source: Liberty Writers Africa

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