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Meet Khadidja Toure, the biomedical engineer turned entrepreneur, whose beauty products will make your skin glow

by Nurys Castillo

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Buying from Black-owned businesses year-round is super important, and it’s just one way that you can show solidarity for the Black community. I recently discovered one beauty brand that you should definitely consider adding to your list of businesses to support.

Kubra Kay is a line of moisturizers and tools that are vegan and cruelty-free. Founded by biomedical engineer turned entrepreneur Khadidja Toure, this skincare brand contains natural ingredients that will keep your complexion healthy and glowing.

Toure’s love of beauty started at a young age when her mom and aunts would share their beauty remedies using all-natural ingredients. “I always smelled like cocoa butter or shea butter in the kitchen,” she says.

Once she started having acne breakouts, Toure began focusing more on her skin. She explains, “I was just so frustrated because I was trying out products for two years, and I went to a dermatologist and I just wasn’t getting the results that I wanted.”

She took a new approach by closely examining the labels of her skincare products. Toure also traveled for her engineering job to different countries, and those experiences led her to discover amazing new natural ingredients.

“I would go to these small villages and learn about the different ingredients that they would use in skincare,” she says. She soon launched Kubra Kay, as she felt like she was called to do this, and “give people the confidence that I feel like I didn’t have.”

Toure wants people to treat Kubra Kay as “a community,” where we all “grow up together” while improving the wellness of our skin.

Watch above as Toure walks us through the Kubra Kay skincare line. Then, read below for more details!
Kubra Kay Fruit Night Cream

Are you tired of having dull, dry skin? The Kubra Kay Fruit Night Cream is packed with antioxidants that help moisturize skin, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Natural fruit extracts are incorporated too. There are over seven different extracts — from grape seed oil to grapefruit. “It just really helps reset your skin and gives you like a nice glow,” says Toure.
Kubra Kay Vitamin A&E Cream

The combination of vitamins A and E is precisely what we need to keep our skin looking youthful and renewed.

The Ultimate Must-Have

Toure’s ultimate must-have is the Vitamin A&E Night Cream because she feels it “really helps reset your skin, improve your complexion and is everything that you want in a night cream.” I couldn’t agree more! I have been using this product since our chat, and my skin has been so much smoother and brighter.

Source: Yahoo News

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