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NC Karen Gives a Sorry Excuse for Hitting and Dashing Soda On a Black Boy

by Kalyn Womak

Kim Jennings, the manager of a Greensboro apartment, was caught on video last week pouring a soda out on a Black boy and hitting him in the head. We know now that she’s being held criminally accountable for her actions but her reasoning behind it was just as lame as what she did.

Jennings told WFMY her beef started with 11-year-old Jace Lee-Eury when he had returned to the apartment’s pool that is exclusive to residents only. She said Jace was allegedly ordered to leave multiple times before (which Jace denied) but this time made her come out of character.

“The other day, when he was out there, we asked him to leave, and he was mouthy, and I just, I had a soda in my hand, and I tossed it on him, and then I popped him. I did, I admit I did, and it was wrong. When you’ve done it and you’ve done it and you’ve done it and you’ve asked him not to come back. I just reacted. But, I will say that I’m sorry that I did that. I should’ve handled it differently,” she told reporters.

Jennings is currently facing two counts of assault on a child under the age of 12 for spraying a bottle of Coca-Cola on Jace, hitting him in the head with the bottle, and allegedly pulling his younger sister’s hair. Despite the blatant disrespect, some people believe she was justified in her actions.

According to Jace, Jennings also pulled his little sister’s hair which prompted him to throw a bottle at her trying to get her to stop. That’s when the soda incident began. The parents have enlisted the legal help of several prominent attorneys including Ben Crump and Jason L. Keith. In a tweet, Crump called for accountability for the apartment complex manager.

‘She has been arrested on two counts of simple assault — now she must be fully held accountable for her attack on these kids,’ the attorney wrote.

The apartment complex manager says the owners are supporting her after the incident. Residents backed up Jennings while talking with WFMY and said that they found the children disobeying her request to leave ‘disrespectful.’


The boy’s parents and attorneys are announcing the filing of a federal lawsuit against Jennings with prominent civil rights attorneys Ben Crump and Harry Daniels August 15.


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