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Nigerian and Ghana’s original Sins: Ghana Must Go!  now Nigerians Must Go! A failed policy of Deportation

In 1983 over a million West African migrants, mostly Ghanaians were ordered to leave Nigeria at short notice.  Under Shehu Shagari administration and the height of Nigerian corrupt politicians’ mismanagement, the Nigerian economy was suffering a downturn.  Instead of the Nigerian politicians reviewing their own corrupt actions, they pointed their fingers and blamed fellow African Immigrants.  Overnight,  hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians and other Africans were deported from Nigerian and many found themselves stuck outside Ghana’s border unable to get back home.

BBC World Service - Witness History, "Ghana Must Go"

Over 2 million men, women, and children were affected.  It was ironic, because incidentally, in 1969 Ghana also expelled Nigerians from its country. In 1969, Ghana enacted the Aliens Compliance Order in which hundreds of thousands of immigrants, most of whom were Nigerians, were forcefully expelled from the country.

Today, many Nigerians are fleeing to Ghana as the Nigerian government continues to neglect the cries of its citizens.  The exponential population growth has forced thousand of Nigerian youths to seek refuge abroad.

Last year, South Africa turned its citizens against Nigerians and other African Immigrants. Hostility had been building for at least a decade, with many South Africans blaming foreigners, especially Nigerians for their country’s economic ills.  Hundred of Nigerians were killed and their business destroyed.

South Africa and Xenophobic Attacks: Simply No Justification


Ghana and Nigeria are guilty of condoning this shameful policy in the past.

In 1969 during the administration of former Prime Minister, Koffi Busia, Ghana implemented its Alien Compliance Order, which saw the deportation of undocumented West African immigrants, mostly Nigerians. and in 1983 Nigerians deported millions of Ghanaians, now it appears that Ghanaians are on the path to repeat the past mistakes.

For African Nations to develop, there must be free movement or goods and services. An understanding and appreciation of the goals and objectives of a United Africa.

Patience Ndukwu, center, and her children fled South Africa and returned to Nigeria, leaving behind a restaurant that struggled after mob attacks began.


What message are we sending to the European countries that are in the process of initiating more stringent immigration policies on African immigrants? If we African Nations can not even welcome our fellow Africans, why then do we expect the likes of Trump to allow African immigrants in the United States.



Afro World News: Author: Osayande Aghaze. US-Expert on Global Policy matters and Human Rights can be reached at Editor@afroworldnews.com

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