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Notorious Karen Who Called the Cops on Black Bird-Watcher Sued Her Employer for Firing Her, Then Lost

by Kalyn Womack

The white woman who called the police on a Black bird-watcher for nothing other than being Black filed a lawsuit against her former employer. She claimed they wrongfully terminated her and defamed her as a racist. According to NBC News, she lost her little suit.

To be honest, she’d be filing defamation suits left and right if she wanted to track down everyone who called her a racist. What a day it was when Twitter got a hold of that video of Amy Cooper calling the police on Christian Cooper, a bird-watching Black man. Christian told NBC he asked her to put her dog back on her leash, in accordance with Central Park’s policy. In response, the Karen dialed 911 alleging an “African American man” threatened her and her dog, as it vigorously tried to wiggle from her grasp on the collar.

Amy’s (now former) employer caught wind of the situation and wasn’t having it at all. She was fired the very next day.

Is it really defamation if you’re actually racist? The company called her claims baseless.

More on the suit from NBC News:

U.S. District Judge Ronnie Abrams on Wednesday rejected Amy Cooper’s claims that her former employer, investment management company Franklin Templeton, defamed her when it repeatedly said the firm did not tolerate racism.

Abrams further said Amy Cooper had failed to prove that she was fired due to her race or gender and without the kind of investigation that had once been conducted on allegations of another employee’s misconduct.

In her lawsuit, Amy Cooper had argued that the company’s statements suggested Franklin Templeton had access to undisclosed facts justifying its position that were not clear from the viral video of the incident.

Turns out Miss Cooper got her charges dropped for filing a false police report because she went to therapy. Can therapy make someone anti-racist? If that’s the case, imagine how many other Karens need therapy for endangering the lives of innocent Black folks. *eye roll* The CAREN Act needs to be national.

Source: THE ROOT

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