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Nyala’s Conflict: What You Should Know

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Nyala's Conflict: What You Should Know

The paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), today, seized control of Nyala, Sudan’s second-largest city.

The city was seized from the army after months of fighting.

Residents were said to be jubilating, as they hoped it meant an end to the violence, which has forced more than 670,000 people to flee their homes.

The city’s hospitals have been destroyed, and bodies are said to be lining the streets.

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This major advance for the RSF comes as the two warring sides were set to resume peace talks in Saudi Arabia.

Knowing Nyala and its conflict issue

  • Nyala, the capital of South Darfur state, is a strategic city connecting Sudan with Central African Republic (CAR).
  • The RSF is a Darfur-based organization that has been accused of crimes against non-Arabic populations in the region during this year’s fighting.
  • Several high-ranking army generals, including the military commander in Nyala, were killed in fighting a few weeks ago.
  • The conquest of Nyala was spearheaded by RSF’s second-in-command, Abdulrahim Daglo, who was sanctioned by the US for his suspected participation in ethnic cleansing in West Darfur.
  • According to eyewitnesses, RSF forces have been plundering and raiding civilian homes since taking control of the city.
  • According to EMERGENCY, a medical organization that treats war victims, Sudanese staff members were removed from a pediatric center in Nyala and detained.

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