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Outrage as women confess how they use ‘Juju’ to bewitch men

by By Emerie Onyemelukwe

Nigerian sex and relationship expert, Dami Olonisakin popularly called Oloni, on Friday, sparked outrage with her viral tweet. In the controversial tweet, she had asked to know if there were women who have ever used juju to trap men in relationships. The tweet goes:

“LADIES & LADIES only! I want you to DM about a time that you’ve used black magic to woo a guy you liked”

She continued:

 “Did it work? Did it backfire? Did he find out? Are you waking up in the middle of the night shaking? I want to know everything, now’s your chance to let us know!! What was the spell?!


Now, what triggered people’s reactions were the responses she allegedly got from anonymous women who shared their experiences. Many of the women who allegedly replied Olonisakin confessed to having used charms on their men. Many said they used their menstrual blood to prepare meals for their targets. Others used other methods but most of the women agreed that the diabolism worked for them.

These ugly tales angered many Twitter users who heavily criticized the thread. Let’s look at some of the tweets below:

 @TheDilichi tweeted “Last week Oloni’s thread was for women to tell the horrendous revenge schemes they’ve executed on men

This week’s thread was for them to tell the type of charm they’ve used to subdue their men.
Next week may prolly be for them to tell how many men they’ve killed.
Fear women oh!”

@kvngspice_ said “Oloni is grooming a coven of witches and criminals and we think it’s all jokes / “content” .. smh”

@tife_fabunmi “that Oloni’s thread is crazy!

Like! Some men are out there thinking they found a Wife Material the day they fell in love with her meal w/o knowing the meal was spiced with period blood, garnished with grilled Juju and they are the Sacrifice Material.

This is the real inside life

@chemicalbroda “Too many criminals in Oloni’s threads. All men just wanna do is fornicate, but women are adding extra like revenge, charms, murder, feelings, etc wtf “

@MrOdanz “If you want to map out a section of women on Twitter that have psychopathic tendencies, just keep tabs on Oloni’s thread.

Today it is a thread of times they used charm to keep men against their will.

Btw, men are still trash. Don’t forget that. Circus of strong independent clowns

@cutewalterr “This Oloni thread reminds me of the time I almost opened a Joint account with my Ex. 

Left my house as early as 7 am to Firstbank like Dopemu.

If not for BVN issues then we don open am finish. Now I don’t know if I was in my right senses or she mixed Period blood in my food.”

The confessions, whether true or fabricated should really be taken seriously. Things like always remind us what humans are capable of doing; the length people go in achieving their selfish agenda. The lessons to be learnt from this transcends beyond the confines of the man-and-woman relationship. It generally applies in our dealings with people, especially those we never knew about their background and upbringing. Caution should always be the watchword. Many are bitter and living very sad lives, looking for those to unleash their bitterness on.

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