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Over 1m Zimbabweans Migrate To South Africa, Here’s Why

by AfroWorldNews
Over 1m Zimbabweans Migrate To South Africa, Here's Why

Earlier this week, the South African government released its census data, in which it disclosed that the country was home to 1.01 million Zimbabwean immigrants in 2022.

The latest figure represents an increment, up from 672,308 at the last count in 2011, and an average annual increase of almost 31,000.

Conversely, Zimbabwe’s statistics agency, in September of last year, disclosed emigration data for the first time, revealing that 908,913 of the estimated 16 million citizens of the country were living overseas, with 85% of them residing in South Africa.

Zimbabwe’s free-fall

Over the past few decades, Zimbabwe, once a thriving country with a bright future, has seen a dramatic transition. With an abundance of resources, a strong economy, and a resilient and diversified populace, Zimbabwe was once a ray of hope and promise for southern Africa. But at the beginning of the 21st century, the country’s course tragically changed.

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Zimbabwe had fallen into a state of complete collapse by the early 2000s, plagued by a number of interrelated issues. The contentious land reform initiative, which was started in the early 2000s and resulted in the forcible seizure of commercial farms owned by White people, severely disrupted agricultural production, the foundation of the country’s economy, and was a major trigger for this downturn. This caused ripple effects in the nation’s social and economic structure, along with hyperinflation, political unrest, and violations of human rights.

Zimbabwe’s economic collapse resulted in widespread joblessness, a shortage of essential supplies, and a disorganized healthcare system. It devolved into a country where the hope for stability and prosperity had disintegrated into a desperate fight for existence. As a result, many Zimbabweans are fleeing the unrest and trying to start over in a more stable environment in neighboring South Africa, where they are hoping to find safety and better possibilities. We shall examine the main causes of this migration trend in this post.

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