Dora Marchand, 29, an over-priviledged white woman was arrested by two Black cops last week after she was caught walking her two dogs Comet and Sophie in Riverside Park in defiance of a rule stating the pets should be leashed. She has since condemned the cops who arrested her ‘when there are literally murders and theft happening all the time in New York.’

Many on social Media have responded to her by educating het on how African American men and women suffer injsutice at the hands of police on daily basis. For millions of African American, sleping in their own bed and swiming in their own pools have led to arrest and even death..

  • Dora Marchand, 29, was walking her dogs without a leash on the Upper West Side was arrested last week by park police. She has since characterized her arrest as ‘unnecessary’ and a ‘power trip’
  • Marchand also admitted she knew having the dogs off the leash at the park was not permitted and vowing to continue to walk them off-leash in the future.

  • Video footage taken by a witness shows her in handcuffs after her arrest
  • She spent an hour in the NYPD holding cell while officers verified her identity 
  • Marchand was then released with a $200 fine for not complying with officers and $100 for having the dogs off-leash.

The very fact that she was release with a fine is in itself white preiviledged.