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Presidential aspirant Osayande Aghaze laments cost of forms, vows to challenge it in court

by AfroWorldNews

Presidential aspirant Osayande Aghaze has lamented the cost of forms in Nigerian political parties, saying it is unconstitutional.

Addressing journalists at his 60th floor Hollywood office in the United States, Aghaze, a renowned Hollywood film producer, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ozengluz, Inc, and the Developer of Bitter Leaf Capsule, who just established his exploration committee to throw his hat in the 2023 presidential race, stated that the alarming prices of obtaining expression of interest and nomination forms for the presidency and the cost of running for political office in the country should be outrightly addressed.

According to him, it encourages corruption, promotes vote-buying, and discourages the youth and other competent people from delving into politics.

His words: “If you are a presidential hopeful who wanted to contest for the presidency under the two major political parties in Nigeria, the first thing you would need is, at the lowest end, US$33 000, which is about N12 million) or, at the top end, US$125 000 (N45 million) to buy the presidential nomination forms.

“To be realistic, this is very costly everywhere in the world, and it goes beyond our belief that you can only separate serious contenders from unserious ones by the competency, capacity, credibility, strength of the program, workable solutions, and sellable candidate to Nigeria through rapid intra-party debates and other high-level criteria reviews that can ensure we present a better leader for future for Nigeria.”

Speaking further, Aghaze expressed confidence that he is the best suitable candidate to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari, whose tenure is due next year.

“No doubt, I will make the best president for Nigeria based on real-life and business experiences, and also due to the fact that Nigeria as a nation is at this critical juncture.

“Nigeria is at a critical juncture, and thus needs a person with critical thinking abilities, coupled with the moral integrity to lead a Nation that has been mismanaged by greedy, and corrupt politicians. It will be the epitome of insanity for Nigerians to vote for the very same people that have brought the country to its knees,” he said.

According to Aghaze, Nigeria as a nation lacks skilled technical workers, and no country has ever developed without a skilled labor force. “Nigeria is blessed with abundant natural and human resources, but these abundant Natural and Human resources can never be fully utilized and explored without a well-trained skilled workforce. You can not continue to ask for foreign investors to come to Nigeria when there is not a capable-well skilled labor force.”

“If I am elected president, in my first week of office, I will call for immediate decentralization of Nigeria’s political power and return the power to grass-root local and state governments. I will overall improve the educational system and convert half of the Nigerian Universities into Technical/Computer Science Institutes,” he added as he highlighted his agenda.

Aghaze, however, debunked ongoing rumors that he’s considering running for governorship in Edo State.

“I am aware that many Edo leaders see and agree with the vision that I have for Edo state, but I have expressed interest in the presidential race and that is where I like to focus my energy at this point,” he clarified.


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