Racism has long been considered as the United State’s original and ongoing sin and has continued to weaken the United States’ moral and political influence as a Super Power over the developing nations, especially in Africa. The recent protests around the world further defaced the mask of secularism and American’s version of Democracy to the world. George Floyd’s death has fueled millions of people around the world to raise their voice against Racial discrimination, Social Injustice and Police Brutalities Globally and it has affected US-African Relations very badly.

A protest in Nigeria at the US mission.

Racism in the modern era is a curse and it is pity that the developed nations like the United States of America is still determined to practice a two-tier criminal justice system that targets and destroys African American family units, which are against the social norms and sheer violation of international human rights. United Nations prohibits all types of violence against minorities, Migratories, and vulnerable communities and the African Americans are No Exception.

The Recent Unrest in wake of Killing of George Floyd on account of Police Brutality shows that the white supremacist’s ideas still exist in the great powers and the hatred against the black community still haunts America. One wonders that the country with an 80% literacy rate can experience such incidents of injustice and maltreatment against the black citizens who have fought and sacrificed in all wars and contributed more than other groups to the creation and development of America.

According to some experts, the hatred toward African Americans is as old as America. Contrary to the US racist laws and system, International Human Rights grant equal rights to all the communities regardless caste, Creed, Religion, Colour, Race, Language, or origin, therefore any racial discrimination against any race tantamount to sheer violation of Human Rights.
The Killing of George Floyd by Brutal white Police has sparked Global Protests in Europe, Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world. Protesting against Global Racism and Police Brutalities against minorities or African Americans.

African Americans have been the target of Violence and have not been given equal citizenry rights that are enjoyed by their white citizen. George Floyd’s death has fuelled the Movement for black Americans and their struggle for rights has been expedited. The Slogan “Black Lives Matter” has been echoing in America has grabbed global attention against the brutal use of force against African immigrants in the United States of America.

The Racial unrest in America has further weakened Trump’s tirade against China holding it responsible for Covid-19 and certain engagements in Africa for Development Initiatives under its Popular One Road, One Belt Initiative.

Historical Background: US police targeting African Americans.

Historical perspective heralds that the African-American community has always been deprived of their citizenry or civil rights and the white has always maintained their supremacy in Political Activism and Economic opportunities while the black community has always experienced racial discrimination and social injustice.

According to some experts that current protests and riots, as well as that, happened in history carry some resemblance based on frustration, resentment, social injustice, racial discrimination that has been caused due to the high number of unemployment or under unemployment of African Americans, and the overt racist criminal justice system that have devastated the African American family units.

African Americans are yet to fully accepted by their own government as the white supremacist system considers themselves superior to their fellow black citizens based solely on the color of their skin. The US insists on sustaining old ideals and a racist system of old has brought the entire world together to demonstrate against the US racist justice system.
The World has responded to this brutal act of Police against George Floyd and demanded from the United States for Fair Trial and Exemplary punishment for the Police Official who kneeled on the neck of late George Floyd despite being aware that he would die of suffocation. Such an Inhuman act clearly shows the prejudice against African Americans, especially in the police force and criminal justice system.

Trump’s unethical remarks asking Governors to dominate has also sparked protests and anger against such Social and Economic Injustice targeting African Americans and it has already affected its ties with African Nations. Many Career diplomats have already cautioned against racial discrimination as Trump has paralyzed the foreign Policy of the United States and has been isolated in the world.

Source: Afro World News

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