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Now that it is obvious that all Republican’s plan to deprived and suppress African American’s vote has failed, Afro World News political expert took a close look at one of  Republican’s strategy;  Kanye’s as a presidential candidate. Four months after he declared he was running for president, Kanye West seems to have accepted he’s got no shot in hell at winning. According to Deadline, the rapper received around 60,000 votes in the 12 states where he was on the ballot, a minuscule fraction of the estimated 150 million votes that were cast this year.

“WELP Kanye 2024,” West said in a tweet fired off early Wednesday morning, one many have interpreted as his concession. (He later deleted it and went with the more concise, “KANYE 2024.”)


So far, Republicans plan of diverting votes from Biden to Kanye west have yelled little or no returns. Below are the votes that went to Kanye west.. and from the below votes, Kanye is surely not going to the White House anytime soon…

Kardashians Support Kanye West But 'Worry for Him' Following Recent Interview, Source Says | Entertainment Tonight

These aren’t the final counts, but this is how things looked as of Wednesday afternoon:

Arkansas: 4,040

Colorado: 6,254

Idaho: 3,631

Iowa: 3,202

Kentucky: 6,259

Louisiana: 4,894

Minnesota: 7,789

Mississippi: 3,277

Oklahoma: 5,590

Tennessee: 10,216

Utah: 4,344

Vermont: 1,265


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