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Romania’s ambassador compared a monkey to African diplomats! Romania is Europe’s most Backward and racist country

In a regrettable incident that has sparked outrage and condemnation across the Globe,  Romania, Europe’s most backward and racist nation finds itself at the center of controversy as one of its ambassadors compared a monkey to African diplomats during a recent diplomatic event. The racist remarks have not only caused immense offense but have also raised serious questions about Europe’s racist past and present.

“The African Group has joined us,” Ambassador Dragos Tigau said when a monkey appeared at a window in the conference room.

During a diplomatic gathering aimed at fostering cooperation and strengthening ties between Romania and several African nations, Ambassador  Dragos Tigau made an appalling comparison, likening African diplomats to monkeys. The remarks were met with shock and disbelief from those present, who were understandably outraged at the ambassador’s derogatory and racist statement.

While the incident has undoubtedly strained Romania’s relationships with African nations and damaged its international reputation, the country is now faced with the task of rebuilding trust and repairing the harm caused. Diplomatic efforts will be crucial in this process, requiring open dialogue, genuine remorse, and concrete actions to prevent similar incidents in the future.

To address the damage done and restore diplomatic relations, Romania should actively engage in diplomatic consultations with affected African countries. These consultations should focus on understanding the concerns and grievances of the nations involved, while also providing assurances that Romania is committed to fostering an environment of respect, equality, and mutual understanding.

In addition, the Romanian government should implement diversity and inclusion training programs for its diplomats. Such programs would help raise awareness about cultural sensitivity and promote a deeper understanding of the diverse backgrounds and experiences of individuals they interact with in their diplomatic roles.


The regrettable incident involving Romania’s ambassador and the offensive comparison made toward African diplomats has brought to light the pressing need for continued efforts to combat racism, ignorance, and cultural insensitivity. The Romanian government’s swift apology and the recall of the ambassador demonstrate a willingness to take responsibility for the ambassador’s actions and strive for reconciliation.


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