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Stop the Outrage! Blame America’s Racist Criminal Justice system. Bill Cosby was a victim of a double-standard system.

Many legal experts are of the opinion that the trial of Mr. Bill Cosby for the alleged rape was a miscarriage of justice, and now the Supreme court agrees. My position is not to pass judgment on the alleged crime, but to state without doubt that the criminal justice system is corrupt and racist, especially the manner it was applied to Mr. Cosby’s case.

People who disagree with the supreme court and have voiced their outrage that Justice was not done, oat to also be outraged of the Two-Tier Double standard racist criminal justice system in America. But it does not appear that these people are concerned about the double standard that is evident in this case.

Imagine for a minute, that you are a rich “Black man” in America, and you were suddenly accused of sexual assault. Your accuser claims that one night, a dozen or more years ago, you crossed a line. You’re arrested, and now publicly accused of rape. In an instant, your reputation is destroyed.

Further, assume for the moment you even remember who the alleged victim is. Assume further you don’t recall much else about the evening. Who, after all, can account for where they were on a random night in the distant past. It’s hard to present an alibi when you can’t recall anything about the day in question.
Your best defense in such a case, a case in which there is no forensic evidence – no DNA, no fingerprints, no photographs — and no witness other than your accuser, is to demand a trial. In such a classic “he said/she said” case, your lawyer might tell you there is no need to testify. Yes, the testimony of a single witness, if believed, is sufficient to convict. But the odds favor you in such a case.

Bill Cosby Flashes Peace Sign In First Photos Since Being Released From Prison

But in this case, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania could not abide by a level playing field, so it creates special rules of evidence for sexual assault cases and even disregarded their own signed agreement just to enable the state to convict you. This is what happened to Mr. Cosby.

What most people forget or deliberately ignored is that in Mr. Cosby’s first trial, in 2017, jurors could not unanimously agree on a verdict. The trial court declared a mistrial, rather than justly dismissing the case because the Commonwealth had failed to satisfy its burden of proof, Mr. Cosby has tried again under a new set of rules.

The criminal justice system was manipulated and due process disregarded just to get Mr. Bill Cosby. This lack of a uniform criminal justice system is exactly the problem with a racist system that is subject to discretional abuse and the administrators of the justice such as the police, the district attorney base their decision in most cases on the race of the defendant.

The Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s decision to vacate the conviction of Bill Cosby and discharge him is a stunning rebuke of the prosecution, and a bold step towards the right direction. African Americans have suffered enough from the racist criminal justice system.

Mr. Bill Cosby is 83 years old and has suffered repairable harm to his reputation and overall image.  I am hoping Cosby  Cosby sues the state of Pennsylvania for millions of dollars in damages for this miscarriage of justice.


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