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Tasteful or Tacky: Are Y’all Really Buying These Donald Trump High-Top Sneakers?

by By Amira Castilla

The presidential hopeful announced the drop at SneakerCon.

This past weekend, corrupt Republican presidential hopeful Donald J. Trump popped up at the last place we all never expected him to be… SneakerCon.

This year’s convention was held in Philadelphia, where shoe lovers came together to trade, sell, and buy all of the most coveted footwear in the game. Trump arrived to a combination of cheers and boos as he took to the stage to announce his newest, tacky endeavor, the Never Surrender High-Tops.

The atrocious $399 shoes are high tops with an all-gold exterior with matching shoelaces, red and white soles, an American flag around the ankle, and a “T” stitched to the side. In his announcement speech, he said that he’s been looking forward to creating the sneaker for over a decade. Was this also an attempt to reach Black voters?

On the website, GetTrumpSneakers.com, the comical description of the shoe is sure to let buyers know that they are a true American when rocking the footwear: “They’re for the go-getters who don’t know the word quit. With a standout gold finish and the ‘T’ badge, these kicks are for true Patriots… The Never Surrender sneakers are your rally cry in shoe form.”

Interestingly enough, this announcement came one day after New York’s Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump and his organization to pay $355 million for a civil fraud case. This sneaker release might simply be a way to distract his fans and potential voters from focusing on the several open legal cases against himself, his family, and his businesses.

He was also ordered by a jury to pay E. Jean Carroll, a writer who has accused Trump of sexual assault, $83.3 million for attacking her on social media.

On GetTrumpSneakers.com, people can also order two other knit sneaker choices. There’s a red choice called the “Red Wave” and another called “POTUS 45.” Are sneakers not your thing? Well, there’s also a random product available to pre-order: Victory47 perfume and cologne. Yikes.


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