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TESLA Solar Roof will Eliminate NEPA in Nigeria, and finally respond to God’s Declaration, “Let There be Light”

Although solar roof tiles and other solar modules integrated into buildings have been on the market for some time, the concept of an entire solar roof is new. The full roof coverage approach involves a solution where photovoltaics do not represent just an addition to an existing roof surface, but instead, it is integrated into the structure of the house for aesthetic, constructive, and electrical purposes.

The Tesla solar system could both convert and store solar energy throughout the day and then make it available when needed such as during the night. To store solar energy, Tesla Solar Roof incorporated an embedded Powerwall battery system.

A major benefit of the Tesla Solar Roof is the durability of the tiles and shingles made from quartz and therefore virtually unbreakable. According to Tesla, glass tiles are harder and more stable than traditional clay tiles. They have a class 3 hail rating and class F wind rating. It carries a 25-year warranty, which is in line with traditional roof warranties.

Once the prices of Tesla Solar roofing materials become affordable to the average Nigerian household, millions of Nigerians can finally say goodbye to NEPA for good.


Nigeria continues to face the triple challenge of providing a reliable power supply, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and keeping energy affordable to consumers.

The availability of electricity in Nigeria has worsened over the years. The country has been unable to meet demand because of its policies, regulations, and management of operations. Its failure to provide adequate and reliable energy is well documented, specifically its impact on the economy.

Its commercial and industrial sectors have become heavily reliant on self-generated power, using petrol and diesel generators. This accounts for nearly half of all electricity consumed.

Nigeria’s shortage of reliable power supply is a constraint on the country’s economic growth. The country needs to diversify its economy beyond oil and gas revenues because that market is volatile. But if the energy-hungry private sector invested more in self-generation to make this possible, pollution would rise. An increase in self-generation would increase greenhouse gas emissions.

Tesla Solar roof may be the answer to all Nigerian’s prayers.


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