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Recently a video of a Ghanian  Pastor shaving women private parts in church drew the attention of many religious experts. The extend that Africans we go to please their “: Dady-Pastors” Many marriages and homes have been destroyed by these so-call Man of God.

When gullibility combines with poverty & illiteracy, the resultant effect is the vulnerability of the brethren who become pawns in the hands of “unholy” pastors who then enthrone criminality in the practice of their brand of Christianity deep in their extortion centers called Churches!

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Million of Africans experiencing hardship ars seeking comfort from anywhere they can find.  The state and government institutions have failed the masses, and as such, the sick have no healthcare so they result in pastors for miracles. The hungry and poor look to the pastors for comfort and miracles. Behold the pastors are themselves hustlers’ and have become wolfs instead of shepherds.

When will the African government stand up to regulate and license these false prophets? Every society has people that are vulnerable that needs protection from false and con artist parading as men and women of God… 419 and con artists have moved into the free zone of selling false hopes…Rape and fraud scandals involving fake pastors have prompted calls for regulation of churches throughout Africa.. But African leaders, as usual, are cowards, and they benefit from the approval of these pastors..

Rich African Pastors who own Private Jets - Rich African Pastors 2019 - YouTube

Many African pastors are flying around in private jets, while their congregations are dying of poverty .. Imagine if they are Godly enough to use some of that money to serve as micro-lending to farmers and build hospitals for their community.. Instead, they ask their congregation to wait until they die to enjoy.. while they are enjoying their goodies here on Earth.. PLEASE JESUS COME SAVE US FROM YOUR FOLLOWS!!!


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