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Top Boy: 5 Nigerian Stars That Featured In Netflix Originals

by AfroWorldNews
Top Boy: 5 Nigerian Stars That Featured In Netflix Originals

We can tell you that you are wasting your time if you haven’t binge-watched every episode of the Netflix Original Top Boy. The gritty drama, which followed the life of London street gangs and drug traffickers, originally appeared on television in 2011. It ran for two seasons on Channel 4 before being canceled in 2013.

Drake and Netflix are to thank for the Top Boy revival we have today, which stars British-Nigerian musicians Little Simz, Dave, and many more. After a three-year hiatus, the popular Netflix series returned in March 2019 for a second season, and last month, its third and final season premiered on the streaming platform.

AfroWorldNews understands that the most interesting aspect of the Netflix series is the fact that it featured actors of Nigerian descent.

Meet Dave and other Nigerian actors in Top Boy

Dave: The season three’s antagonist, Modie, is portrayed superbly by Dave. Insane and irrational throughout the entire season, Modie is feared by all. His authority appears to be transferred to Jamie, the season’s main character, after being imprisoned for 18 years.

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Many fan theories contend that Modie is an adult counterpart of Ra’Nell, a cherished youngster from Top Boy Seasons 1 and 2. On his self-produced Top Boy soundtrack song, “GOD’S EYE,” Dave leans into this by rapping, “I used to be Ra’Nell, I never had a score,” and given the show’s concept of young boys being initiated into a lifetime of crime, it’s not a long cry!

Jolade Obasola: Immigration officers paid Ats’ mother, Amma, a visit at the start of the series because they believed she is in the country illegally. Amma struggled to pay the rent and provide for Ats because she had no income and was unable to file for assistance. As a result, Ats took matters into his own hands and started down a familiar and dark path.

Little Simz: Dushane, the main character, falls in love with Shelley, a new character played by rapper Little Simz. Although she is aware that he is a homicidal drug dealer who has the potential to take her life at any moment, she serves as his voice of reason throughout the season and, like a real Yoruba girl, is not hesitant to call him up on his b.s.

Others are:

  • Kola Bokinni as Leyton
  • Hope Ikpoku Jr. as Aaron

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