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Trevor Noah Pulls No Punches In Assessment Of ‘Bad Apple’ Police Excuse

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah called out the “bad apple” excuse for police violence on Monday, saying America’s broken police system deters good cops from intervening when their colleagues hurt and kill Black men and women.

“We’re told time and time again that these incidents that Black Americans are experiencing are because of bad apples, right?” he said. ”‘There are bad apples in these police departments who are doing these things. They use chokeholds that are not allowed. They use excessive force. They’re violent in their words and in their actions to the people they’re meant to be protecting and serving.’”

“My question, though, is where are the good apples?” he continued. “If we’re meant to believe that the police system in America, the system of policing itself is not fundamentally broken, then we would need to see good apples … Where are the cops who are stopping the cop from putting their knee on George Floyd’s neck? Because there’s not one cop at that scene.”

Noah’s comments aired just days after the killing of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man who was fatally shot by former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter during a traffic stop.


Noah noted that there seemed to be no uprising within police ranks of officers calling for those “bad apples” to be rooted out or videos of police officers intervening to prevent their colleagues from using excessive force. He said he believes there are many good people on the police force, but they fail to take action because “they themselves know that if they do something, they’re going against the system.”

Noah also referenced the case of Cariol Horne, a Black former police officer in Buffalo, New York, who was fired over a 2006 incident in which she tried to stop a white colleague from using a chokehold on a handcuffed suspect. A court ruled this week that she will receive back pay and a pension.

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