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Trump UK ambassador and Jets team owner Woody Johnson now under fire for alleged racist and sexist remarks

by Frank Schwab

New York Jets team co-owner Robert “Woody” Johnson got the chance to branch out from his NFL world in 2017 when he was picked by President Donald Trump to be his ambassador to the United Kingdom.

That official position is also why Johnson finds himself under scrutiny beyond what he’s probably used to as an NFL owner.

On Tuesday, a New York Times story said Trump asked Johnson to “see if the British government could help steer” the British Open to his Trump Turnberry resort in Scotland.

On Wednesday, CNN reported that a State Department watchdog investigation over Johnson included allegations of racist and sexist comments.
Woody Johnson made several troubling comments

CNN reported Johnson “made racist generalizations about Black men and questioned why the Black community celebrates Black History Month.” CNN said that information came from three sources and a diplomat familiar with the complaints to the State Department inspector general. Ahead of an event for Black History Month, CNN reported that Johnson “appeared agitated” and asked if the audience would be “a whole bunch of Black people.” Three of CNN’s sources said Johnson questioned why there was a separate month to celebrate Black history, and he said Black fathers that didn’t remain with their families was the “real challenge.”

CNN also reported Johnson made “cringeworthy” comments about women’s looks and “it was a struggle to get him on board for an event for International Women’s Day,” according to the network’s sources.

Diplomats said Johnson often casually made these offensive remarks, according to CNN’s story.

Johnson, White House don’t comment on allegations

Johnson didn’t directly address the alleged remarks when asked by CNN, and CNN said the White House had no comment.

CNN said it was unclear how much the investigation focused on Johnson’s comments. It appears they were more focused on the allegations that Johnson was asked by Trump to help guide the prestigious British Open to one of his properties.

Not long after Washington’s NFL team came under fire for allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace, the NFL has another issue concerning another team and a team owner.


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